Super Boys: The Amazing Adventures of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster---the Creators of Superman

I can remember watching the original Superman movies with Christopher Reeves. Mr. Reeves played a good superman. I don’t remember much about the comic book version of superman. I was not much of a comic book fan.

To be honest this book would not be one of my first choices to read but nonetheless, I am intrigued to learn about the men behind the superhero. I learned a lot about who Jerry and Joe are as people. It was nice to learn where they came from and how they met. Mr. Ricca does a great job of telling their stories. Joe showed amazing talent as an artist at a young age and a wonderful imagination. I give it up to people like Joe who can draw “free hand”. When it comes to drawing likes just say that I am your gal for “hangman”.

I liked reading about how Jerry came up with the idea of superman. Jerry and Joe make an excellent team as evident in their work and all that they have accomplished. Fans alike will enjoy reading this book. Super Boys is a collectable!


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