Her Last Breath

Paul and his three children are heading home in their buggy. The children are signing and everyone is happy. Paul is just going around the corner when he sees a flash of headlights. The last thing he hears is the splintering of the buggy and silence. When Kate arrives on the scene she recognizes Paul. For Kate the case just got more personal. Paul is the husband of Mattie Kate’s friend. Kate will do everything she can to solve the case.

Another winner for Mrs. Castillo. I love Kate and John together. They are such a great couple. So glad that they are finally starting to take their relationship to the next level.

I have always had a fascination about the Amish. The way of life for these people is amazing. So when you mix Amish with a murder mystery then you have a winner, especially when the books are written by Linda Castillo.

After reading these books, I have come to enjoy the working dynamics of Kate and the rest of the police. They all build off each other nicely. It was nice to get to learn a little more about Kate as she worked this case. Getting to know people from Kate’s past before she left. I have to say that I did not see the ending coming. Although I should have but I didn’t. It made for an exciting ending. I can not say that I was holding my breath the whole time but I might have forgotten to take a breath or two. I can not wait to read the next book.


Carol said…
I had taken a break from this series. It's one I don't enjoy but somehow captivates me none the less. I may have to pick this one up on audio.

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