A Trick of the Light

Mike is a star baseball player at his high school. He has a best friend and he is a good student. However the one thing he lacks a little is in the looks department. Not to say that Mike is fat but he is a little overweight. Things go downhill for Mike when his dad leaves for another woman and his mom closes herself off from Mike.

Mike has a voice inside his head screaming at him to be heard. Mike ignores the voice until he can no longer avoid it. This is when things go downhill quickly for Mike.

I had no clue what the subject matter of this book was about. So I was surprised when I learned that it was about eating disorders. A subject matter that I don’t think there is enough light shed on it. It is a sad disorder but not one that can not be beat and have a happy ending. Luckily I have never struggled with this problem.

In this book the author takes Mike as the person struggling. Yes, males can also have this problem. As the author learned and points out that about 10 million people in the US have this problem and 10 percent of them are male.

In this book the “disease” is the voice and narrator. I thought this was a good twist to helping to tell this story. I really hated the “voice”. I found the “voice” to be abrasive and it did not care what harm and bad choices it gave to Mike. Very scary that what can start out as just a diet or minor issue can blow up very fast into a major situation.   If you need help go to the National Eating Disorder Association


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