Can’t Stop Believing is like a good friend that you will always treasure filled with fun, laughter, and tears! A must read.

Years ago Cord McDowell was sent away to prison. Now that he is out, he is trying to make a new life for himself.

Nevada Britain’s family has had a long time feud with the McDowell’s. So you can imagine Cord’s surprise when Nevada offers him part of her land. There is just one catch…Cord has to marry Nevada. Cord has a condition as well…Nevada has to sleep in his bed every night for as long as they are married.

Jodi Thomas has done it again. She made me fall in love with her and all the people of Harmony even more. I did not think it was possible. I loved the characters in this book although I would call them more family then I would characters from a book.

It was no surprise how Cord and Nevada’s story would turn out. Neither Nevada or Cord liked each other but the more time they spent around one another they were bound to fall in love eventually. Nonetheless I still love a good love story with a happy ending. Plus, Cord and Nevada had lots of spunk between the two of them.

Another love story that I really enjoyed was Ronnie and Marty’s story. It was sad but happy at the same time. I was cheering for them the whole time. I even started to tear up some at the end of their story.

Can’t Stop Believing is like a good friend that you will always treasure filled with fun, laughter, and tears! A must read.

Chatting with Jodi
I love stepping into Harmony, Texas. I’ve been there enough to know the town and most of the people. In CAN’T STOP BELIEVING, I wrote about some old friends and a few new ones who live in Harmony. I hope all my readers will come along with me in this visit and feel like they are coming home.

Like a real town, lives flow around one another, changing, influencing, and sometimes helping. Ronny, a quiet woman who works at the post office, is asked to open her heart and forgive the only man she’s ever loved when he returns. Martha Q muddles her way through trying to write and accidentally stumbles into a chance for love and Tyler Wright holds to his Kate, his love that came late to his life.

People often ask me where my characters come from. In truth, I don’t feel like I make them up. I feel more like they sit down across the desk and talk to me as I write. They tell me the story and some nights I stay up longer to get it all down.

CAN’T STOP BELIEVING will warm your heart. The people of Harmony will stay with you long after you finish reading. Come along with me into a story that will make you laugh and cry and fall in love for the first time, for the last time, forever.


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