The Time Between

Eleanor Murray lives with her sister and mom. She cares for her sister, especially since the accident that left Eleanor’s sister in a wheelchair. Eleanor gets a chance to break free when she is approached by her boss while playing down at the local bar. Her boss wants to hire Eleanor to care for his aunt. Eleanor agrees hoping that this will help free her conscience of the guilt she has for her sister.

I am a fan of Karen White’s. Having said that, this book just did not do it for me. It did not make me jump up and smile. I stuck with it as long as I could but there was not reaction from me. I was neutral. Eleanor and Eve did not grab me like I wanted them too. This is a shame as I know that having read other books by this author that Mrs. White can write good books with great characters.

Besides the characters I felt like this book really never picked up speed. It was monotone. However I am sure it got better the more you got into the book. I just could not get myself there. Still a fan though of Mrs. White. Hopefully the next book will be a winner with me.


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