When a Heart Stops

Review by Nancy

In the sequel to her first “Deadly Reunions” book titled When The Smoke Clears , Lynette Easton continues the story of Alexia, Hunter and friends. This time, Serena Hopkins, the town medical Examiner, is up against a slew of murders that all have one link: she graduated with every victim. The killer is a copycat of a murderer years ago called the Doll-Maker Killer. It can’t be the original because he is still behind bars.

Serena and her once-crush from high school, FBI agent Dominic Allen (Alexia’s brother) make it their purpose to find this murderer and stop him. It’s too close to home to let it go – or to let anyone else handle the case.

In an interesting study of serial killers, groups of friends and how battered and abused children can turn out, Easton has done an excellent job of filling out the plot, bringing in surprise characters (Camille, the battered teen) and weaving it all together in a book that will keep you up until it’s done. I had absolutely NO clue as to the killer’s identity! I thought I did but I was wrong – which made it an even better read!

“Available October 2012  at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”


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