The Prophet: A Shepherd Thriller

Review by Nancy

Let me state right off that this is NOT a book for the squeamish. Frances Ackerman was taught by his father how to deal with pain. We won’t go into how but, trust me, it might not be what you’re thinking. He has killed and killed for several years and feels a closeness with Marcus Williams, agent of the Shepherd Group. You probably haven’t heard of this bunch – most haven’t and you really don’t want to because people like Ackerman are who they hunt down.

Ackerman seems to be taking a backseat at present to someone known as the Anarchist. The Anarchist burns his victims alive. Believing he is swallowing their souls. If his wife and kids only knew…..and that is the problem. The man who taught the Anarchist everything he knows, the Prophet; is waiting for the final three sacrifices. Guess who??

Marcus and his crew are doing their best to have it all end well but they are being blocked at every turn by the local cops. Why is there so much malice between them? Only one of them knows and he doesn’t want to share. The FBI also has a player in the game – Special Agent Vasques likes Marcus – a lot but wants to catch the killer more. Marcus and his fellow Shepherd Maggie have a history but it’s stalled right now.

What an excellent book! It scared me, made me mad, sad and more than a little paranoid. Ethan Cross has written a story that will captivate you until the last page. When the Prophet and the Anarchist meet and Ackerman decides to help Marcus catch them…..well, you’re gonna have to read it!


Marce said…
I started to accept this review book and realised I have The Shepherd and haven't read it yet. I look forward to this series now, they all sound great.

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