Deadly Coast...Go get this one – it was great!

Dugan knew it wouldn’t be easy. Dealing with pirates never was. However, in this story, that is the simple part. Pirating has become a profession of good wages and nowhere more than in Somali. This time the pirates have captured the U S Flagship Luther Hurd its crew and cargo. It’s the Captain’s first voyage, having been appointed because the exec officer was out with a nasty appendix. She isn’t happy with the boarding merchants in Port Said; she isn’t happy being in command and she really isn’t happy when pirates take over the ship.

To the pirates, it’s an old game - to the crew, not so much. Other group decides to attack a drilling ship who is bringing up lots and lots of bak-sheesh. Only the leader of the group knows there is more on the oceans floor and 60 year old silver: there are steel containers full of a virulent disease created by the Japanese in WWII. Dugan’s friend in the Alphabet World discovers the tale of the gas and radios to Dugan that stopping the terrorists is now top priority. And Dugan, along with his Russian pals, quickly hatches a plan.

This second book by McDermott is as good if not better than its predecessor Deadly Straits. The author, a veteran mariner, knows whereof he speaks and writes with authority. The characters are people I’d want coming after me if I were on a hijacked ship! Go get this one – it was great!


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