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We left Abby, Merrideth and their friends trying to get Merri’s house, Colonel Miles’ house, to return in her computer program Beautiful House. But other chores loom ahead for the group as John’s cousin needs a housesitter just at the time Merri’s mom leaves for conference. As Lucy explains the care and feeding of her antiques and her dog the next-door neighbors pop over. Twins, Beulah and Eulah, one an old maid and one a widow. Grew up in Lucy’s house only to move next door when they got older.

Abby and Merri are trying their darnedest to convince John that they really were inside the program but he’s not buying it. He is totally infatuated with Abby, but can’t lean far enough to go for the inhabiting a computer tale. You can’t blame him. Beulah and Eulah know one of their relatives lived close but died in childbirth. They are trying to finish their family tree with no luck until…..the house across from the old Museum yields some very important information.

This is part two of the Time stories by Debbie Heal and our friends are back. John, the questioning law student; Abby the tutor and, of course Merri who is growing up a bit by now and learning that life may not be how you want it but you’ve got to deal with it anyway.

The things they find in the burned out home will shock them, enlighten them and make them understand why they were meant to be part of history in a much more intimate way. An excellent book! Read part one Time and Again first or lots of this won’t make much sense.


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One lucky reader will win a copy of Time and Again: Charlotte of Miles Station. The first book.
Here is a description of it:

Abby expected to spend the summer in the dilapidated old house in Nowhereville getting to know her student Merrideth.

She didn't expect to get to know Charlotte Miles, the girl who had lived there 160 years before.

She planned to tutor Merrideth in math and English--not history. But that's before the freaky program on her new computer started waking her with its invitation to "take a virtual tour."

It turns out a lot of stuff happened in that old house. . .and most of it never made it into the history books.

Time and Again is a story told in the past and in the future. A story of three girls and their journey of self-discovery and faith.


Na said…
This sounds like a wonderful story. All of the women's stories sound interesting and it sounds like a journey that will help them all.

traveler said…
This book sounds compelling and special. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

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