The Scottish Witch: The Chattan’s Curse

Review by Nancy
It’s Scotland in the 1630’s and Rose Macnachton has had her heart broken. Although she and Charles Chattan were handfasted (as good as married) he left her to marry an heiress in England. She could take no more and threw herself off of the parapet of the castle. Fenella, her mother, did not take this insult lightly – by Rose’s funeral pyre she cursed the Chattan men through eternity: When a Chattan male falls in love, he shall die. It’s that simple. Charles finally decided he loved his heiress and died.

In 1814 the family of Minnie, Portia and Lady Maclean had moved to Scotland to take their place. Unfortunately it was a poor place at best. Leaks, mice, little food, but Lady MacLean was determined to “show well” despite their money woes. Minnie is a goddess in love with a poor physician and Portia – well, Portia is bound to take care of her mother. Just ask mom, she’ll tell you. The rent is past due, the servant’s wages were lacking and it is all on Portia to fix it. Somehow.

With the uncovering of a very old, interesting book and the knowledge that a man named Harry Chattan is looking for a witch to save his brother, Portia decides to play act a bit. Just until she gets enough for the bills. But her little ruse stirs up much more. She isn’t a witch, doesn’t want to be one, she is a spinster who, for the first time in her life falls in love. With the man she is duping.

Well written book. The research done was interesting and the plot was great. A very imaginary tale of loves lost and loves won. But what about the curse? Does Portia find a way to break it? Read along and find out.


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