Time and Again: Charlotte of Miles Station

Review by Nancy

When Abby got out of college with a teaching degree; the world was open to great possibilities. However, there was the summer to consider first and she had accepted a tutoring job in Miles Station, Illinois. Or what was left of it. Which wasn’t much.

The mother was a nice lady named Pat and then there was the child she had been hired to tutor – Merrideth. Heavy on the deth part. Merri was a very unhappy eleven-yr old who had just survived an unpleasant divorce and had been torn away from her only hero – dad. Determined to make her mother and all around her as unhappy as she was, Merri didn’t do anything. She didn’t wash her hair, she didn’t bathe and the one thing she excelled at was eating Kit Kats.

With a heart-felt sign and a prayed Abby begins. In a burst of guilt, Dad bought Merri a new computer and cell phone. The computer has all the games on it you can imagine, including one called Beautiful House. Beautiful House shows all sorts of lovely mansions from the area – including the “fixer-upper” Pam had purchased. One kick – it also shows the people who lived there and, if you click the right key you can go into their time and mingle unnoticed!

Using this as a tool, Abby teaches Merri math, reading, history and a myriad of other things. However, when the program stops and she calls Customer Support – nada.

The characters in this book were well done. Merri could have been either of my girls at that age; abby the well-meaning Christian tutor and Pam, the harried, overworked and underpaid mom who’s trying her best. The way Merri and Abby meld together was great and I want the program!

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