Sad Desk Salad is worth a look.

Alex works for Chick Habit, a gossip blog. Perk: Alex gets to work at home. Cons: Alex can never go anywhere without her laptop. Also the death threats are a major con. You have to take the good with the bad when you write for a gossip blog. Alex’s day starts with her waking up early, chatting with her boss where her boss gives her four topics to choose form to write about on the news for the morning and then the rest of the day involves Alex writing fluff pieces about random topics. This is when the most readers log on to read about the latest happenings involving their favorite celebrity or latest teen pregnancy. All the time while sitting at their desk eating their Sad Desk Salad.

Alex gets her big break when a prime story lands in her lap. Alex runs with the story. She causes a major uproar with the story.

Sad Desk Salad is a cheeky, chick lit read. This book is about reporting the news via the world wide web. Readers like you and me see these stories all the time when we get on the internet or check out gossip blogs for the latest news about news or celebrities. We don’t really get to see the behind the story look at how the writers gather information or the back lash they receive from publishing the stories. This is what this book is about, the behind the look. It is not pretty. You have to be thick skinned.

The characters while they can be annoying at times and snaky are entertaining. I do have to agree with Alex’s boss, Moira that Alex did need to grow some balls. She was a bit of a push over and had a soul. Not a bad thing to have a soul but it is a bad thing when you are writing for a gossip blog. As Alex learned just how quickly people can turn on you when you do an expose. After a while of reading this book, I did jump ahead some to where the meaty part of the story really picked up. Sad Desk Salad is worth a look.


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