Blind Spot

Roz has macular degeneration. A condition that results in the loss of vision in the center of the eye. This usually makes it hard for the person to see very well. In fact Roz is considered “legally blind” by the DMV. With this condition, Roz can come off as being snobbish as she does not make eye contact with anyone. Roz just wants to be normal. That is hard to do with you are stuck taking “Life Skills” class. A class for people with disabilities to learn how to interact with others. One plus about being stuck in the class is the student aide. His name is Jonathan. Also known as “Zeus” for his good looks.

Roz is paired up with Tricia in her Life Skills class. Tricia is into drugs. So that is why when Tricia goes missing after homecoming Roz thinks nothing about her disappearance. That is until she hears the report on the radio about Tricia’s body being found in the river. Now Roz is trying to piece together all of the events leading up to Tricia’s disappearance.

Blind Spot is the first novel by new author, Laura Ellen. I thought it was a good first book but there is room for improvement. For example, I thought that Roz was going to have more special abilities with her macular degeneration. Instead I got a pretty good story, characters that at times were like mean girls, and an ending that made me go…WTF! That was it?

I mean there was no real surprise as to who was the responsibility party in the disappearance of Tricia but I was expecting more in the end. Roz was fine but very gullible. After a while I only tolerated her. Overall though, I did finish this book as there was promise and I wanted to know how the ending would go. Hopefully the next book by Mrs. Ellen will be better. I will keep an eye on this author and try her again.


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