Rev It Up

Review by Nancy

Okay, I admit it – I’m hooked on the Black Knights, Inc. series. I read this book 2 days after I received it – IN JULY! It’s that good. OMG! In case you haven’t read Hell on Wheels you certainly don’t have to in order to read this one but it’s such a good story why not?

Black Knights, Inc. is much, much more that a motorcycle shop. It’s a covert mission headquarters for the baddest of the bad ex-SEALS and their missions. The fact that each has his own specially designed chopper is just an aside here. And, while the head dude “Boss” is wrapped up in trying to plan his wedding one of the lost brothers returns in the form of Jake Sommers. “The Snake” is as lethal as they come and has spent time away from the group trying to understand himself and get the killer mindset gone.

Because there at headquarters is Boss’ little sister, Michelle. Shell who married one of his best friends. Shell who became a widow shortly after. Shell who was on Preacher’s mind at the end when he whispered to Jake: “She’s pregnant.” And died.

Will she ever forgive Jake for treating her like dirt before she met Preacher? Will Jake be man enough to admit he was wrong four years ago? What’s up with Vanessa and the Cajun called Rock? What’s UP!!!??? Add in the fact that a Las Vegas gangster wants them all dead – and their familes as well and you have one heck of a homecoming for The Snake.

Julie Ann Walker is my new heroine! She writes such good characters, bitter, loving, mean as Hell, sexy as Heaven and what nice steamy scenes!

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