The Adventures of Lily Lapp

I thought that this was a fun book. This book was more like a collection of short stories. Each chapter featured a different adventure that Lily had with her family and her life on the farm. Going from having a new baby brother, getting a cow and chickens, to running in the rain due to the buggy going into the ditch. Lily had such a simple way of looking at life. Aww to be a child again with such innocence.

I had such an enjoyable time reading this book. Lily really was the star of this book. However her family did come in a close second. I thought about it and tried to figure out which story I liked the best and I could not pick one. This is because I liked them all. Each one put a smile on my face. I can not wait to read about more adventures that Lily has in book two. The Adventures of Lily Lapp: Life with Lily is a joyride of fun for the whole family.

“Available October 2012  at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”

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