New Kids on the Block: Five Brothers and a Million Sisters

New Kids on the Block: Five Brothers and a Million Sisters. Ok, so be warned my geeky side is coming out. I can remember when New Kids on the Block starting getting popular and their songs were on the radio. My girlfriends and I would listen to them all the time. Of course we had our favorites of the five guys. Mine was Jordan. Anyone who is a true fan of NKOTB will tell you their favorite guy and usually you will be surprised to find out that as we all grow up, our guy does not change. I even had a NKOTB lunch box.

What I was surprised to learn from reading this book was just how loyal and friendly NKOTB are towards their fans. The feel is mutual. I had just as much fun reading how the guys went from singing in prisons, birthday parties, to Fenway Park. As I did reading about the stories from real fans. Who had their own stories to share about meeting the guys. I have come away with more respect for the band after reading this book. This book did not just focus on the music but the guys and who there are and where they came from. I would suggest checking this book out for any NKOTB fan. You will not be disappointed.


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