It will give you a few chills.

Martin Gregory is in a hurry. He has arm loads of presents for his wife’s birthday. Martin just makes the train. The next morning Martin surprises his wife with a gift that she will not soon forget. Martin slaughters their dogs and leaves their corpses for his wife. Martin then leaves town.
Martin decides to seek help. It seems that the help Martin is receiving has opened the doors wide open. Martin is having a hard time trying to figure what exactly is real and just who he is.

The Watcher is a mind game of a read! It will have you wondering just how much is your mind playing tricks on you and what is real. This book is more a psychological thriller then it is a horror novel. So if you are in for the gore then you will be disappointed. However, there is one scene in the beginning that is pretty gory. After that, the story got darker and sucked you in. I could not stop reading as I wanted to figure out what was going to happen next.
Martin turned out to be a good narrator and voice for this book. I say this because in the beginning, I thought that Martin was going to be boring. So when Martin turned out to be a strong presence, I was mildly surprised and happy. This helped because it made me connect with Martin more and made reading this book go by quickly. From start to finish this book is a good read. I would suggest checking it out. It will give you a few chills.


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