You better book your reservation now with Staying with Daisy’s.

Daisy MacLean and her father, Hector manage a hotel. Tara Donovan works as a chambermaid at the hotel and is Daisy’s friend. The hotel will be busy. The rich and famous, Dominic Cross-Calvert is getting married at the hotel. When Tara learns who the marriage party is, she about loses it. Dominic and Tara used to be an item. Things will be just fine as long as Tara and Dominic aren’t alone together…too late. What else can go wrong?

Dev Tyzack is a celebrity. He is a sports hero. He is also the best man. Daisy and Dev hit things off. They are having a great time together. There is just one small problem…Daisy does not take the guests. I guess someone should not tell Daisy than that Dev is a hotel guest.

I have become a fan of author, Jill Mansell. I have read many of her books. I must admit that while I do enjoy them for the light-heartedness, the last couple of books were just ok. Staying with Daisy’s renewed my faith in Ms. Mansell. There were so many hilarious moments that I can not pick just one. I thought that Daisy and Dev were fun together. Dev helped Daisy to open up and let loose. Daisy needed a guy like Dev after her last relationship. What I loved the most about this book was all the kooky, hilarious characters. Each one just added to the story. You better book your reservation now with Staying with Daisy’s. You won’t regret it!


Mary (Bookfan) said…
This was in my mailbox last week and I can't wait to read it - esp. after reading your review!
Kaye said…
I liked it a lot too! Aunt Maggie and the washing machine episode cracked me up.

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