Love Amid the Ashes will have readers cheering for more!

Before Dinah’s grandfather, Isaac died, he told Dinah that she must go with Job and marry his son, Ennon. Dinah’s grandfather knew that no one else would marry Dinah after she was found with Shechem, many years ago. Even though, she and Shechem were married and had committed no crime.

Job is a wonderful leader and man. He has gained great respect but he now finds himself under attack. Job knows the truth regarding Dinah but yet he does not feel he has to justify himself now or Dinah. Job brings Dinah back with him. Though Job has feelings for Dinah himself. He made a promise that he would only take one wife and while, he loves Dinah, he will not take another.

I had an enjoyable time reading about Dinah and Job. I thought that author; Mesu Andrews did a wonderful job portraying their story. Dinah showed great strength in adversity. Here Dinah was leaving her home to travel to a new city to marry someone that she did not know all because it was Dinah’s grandfather’s last wishes. Job was an honorable man. He stood for what was right and when he said something, he meant it. Job understood that Dinah needed time to adjust to her new life and he gave her that time. Job and Dinah were good together. Ms. Andrews brings her characters to life in this story. Love Amid the Ashes will have readers cheering for more!

Available March 2011 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”


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