The Headhunter’s Daughter

The year is 1945 in the Belgian Congo.

Born-With-Cord-Around-His-Neck was just a young boy. Though if he wanted to be a man, he had to return to his village with the head of his enemy. While traveling along the river side, Born-With-Cord-Around-His-Neck comes upon a bear. The bear is looking at something. It is a baby girl…a white baby girl for that matter. Born-With-Cord-Around-His-Neck scoops up the baby and brings her back to the village.

While talking to one of the locals, Police Captain Pierre Jardin learns that there is a “white girl” living in of the villages, whose parents are Bashilele r head hunters. Pierre does not believe that is possible. When his girlfriend and missionary, Amanda Brown hears the news, she instantly wants to pay a visit to the village. What she learns about Ugly Eyes will be more shocking than a white girl being raised by headhunters.

The Headhunter’s Daughter is the first book I have read by author, Tamar Myers. While I did find this story fascinating, I never really connected with the characters. While I did like Ugly Eyes, I thought there was a mystery about her that was intriguing and the fact that she seemed so wiser. It was Amanda that had to warm up to. While I did appreciated her coming and trying to save Ugly Eyes, I felt that Ugly Eyes and the rest of the tribe should not have had interference from the “white people”. Amanda’s approach was just a little too pushy. As the story progressed, I was drawn into what was happened and could not wait to learn about where Ugly Eyes came from. You could by Mrs. Myer’s writing that she did have detailed knowledge of the Congo being raised there. Overall, I did think that this was a good read. The Headhunter’s Daughter did peak my interest. I think I may check out Mrs. Myers’s The Witch Doctor’s Wife.


Mystica said…
Sounds an interesting book.

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