It Happened One Bite…delivers a tasty, mouthful of romance and intrigue!

Years ago, vampyre, Lord Kettering James Maitland was put under a spell but five witches. When James awakes, he finds himself locked up in a dusty basement. James has been just bidding his time until he is released and can get his revenge.

Blaire Lindsay is convinced by her brother, Aiden to travel to Briarcraig Castle. They inherited the castle. Once Blaire and her brothers, Aiden and Brannock arrive, Blaire is already wanting to turn back. Blaire does feel a strong connection to the castle. It might because of the prisoner in the basement of the castle. When James meets Blaire, he just might wish he was still a prisoner.

It Happened One Bite is the latest release from writing duo, Tammy Falkner and Jodie Pearson as Lydia Dare. I read these ladies werewolf series and really enjoyed it, so I was looking forward to their latest series about vampires and witches. I was not disappointed.

Blaire called all the shots in this book. She told her brothers how it was and they for the most part obeyed her. The only person who was Blaire’s equal was James. Right from the beginning there was something about James and his manner that had me intrigued by him. Though, I enjoyed this book, I felt that it was more romance than a romantic paranormal story. I can not wait to take a bite out of the next book. It Happened One Bite…delivers a tasty, mouthful of romance and intrigue!


I had this featured on one of my WoW posts a while ago. It sounds great! I'm glad you liked it.

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