I can not wait to rope myself up the next book, Dylan.

Tyler Garahan is in desperate need of money and fast. If he does not raise enough money soon, than he and his brothers will lose the Circle G ranch. When Tyler sees an ad in the newspaper “Wanted, Hardworking Man, Must have a strong back.” Tyler knows he is the right man for the job.

Right from the first moment, Emily Langley meets Tyler; she can tell that he is too nice for the job. The job…a male stripper. Emily feels for Tyler and does hire him but though Tyler may seem nice, she has her guard up around him. Can Tyler save the family ranch and show Emily that he will never break her heart?

Tyler: The Secret Life of Cowboys is the first book in a brand new series from author, C.H. Admirand. I have read a few of Mrs. Admirand’s books from her Irish Western series and enjoyed every book that I have read of her’s. This latest series is no exception. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for cowboys. I usually can not resist checking out a cowboy story, especially one that has a good looking cowboy on the front cover.

Tyler is 100%, genuine cowboy and all man. Plus, Tyler has manners. Instantly, I fell for Tyler. Emily started out a little boring and on the timid side but as the story progressed, she really blossomed. I believed the romance between Tyler and Emily. I like that Tyler took things slowly with Emily, knowing her past. I can not wait to rope myself up the next book, Dylan.


C.H. Admirand said…
Hi Cheryl:

Thanks so much for the wonderful review of the first book in my new series. I'm so glad you enjoyed reading the book.

DYLAN's waiting for edits, even as we speak, and I'm still writing JESSE's story. ;)

It's hard to resist a cowboy ;)

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