This book starts out with an old homeless woman being pursued by a man. The woman knows that if she keeps running, she just might be able to live another day. Unfortunately, the woman is not fast enough. The last words out of the woman’s mouth is…”They didn’t have to kill him…he never drink from the Altar of Bones. I got it back.”

The next scene takes reads back in time to 1937 in a Norilsk prison camp on Siberia, USSR. It is here that readers start to learn more about what the Altar of Bones is really about and why so many people are willing to kill for the location and what the Altar has to offer.

Now to the present day. When Zoe Dmitroff receives a letter from her grandmother, she learns that she is now the “Keeper” of the Altar of Bones. Zoe meets up with Ry O’Malley, an ex-DEA agent. Together they all over the globe to find out if the Altar of Bones really exist. It will be a dangerous trek.

I started reading The Altar of Bones right before I went to bed…bad idea. Right from the beginning I was instantly hooked by this book. I had to force myself to put it down and turn off the lights. There was intrigue, mystery, and adventure at every turn and it did not let up until the very end. Which I also thought was great. Sometimes books can start out strong and the ending can be a let down or seemed rushed. It was neither in the case of this book. Both Zoe and Ry were strong characters. I like that the romance between these two did not take away from the story. Altar of Bones needs to come with a warning…Beware of adrenaline rush!

Check out an excerpt of this book here.


Yvonne said…
Great review -- I also enjoyed this book immensely!
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