Beware there is a Cold Wind blown in and it is a killer!

Game warden, Joe Pickett is back. He has just helped his oldest daughter move to college. Things are going well for Joe until his mother in law calls. Her husband has been gone for quite some time and she is worried. Joe offers to come out and help look for him.

When Joe finds him, it is not good. Earl Alden is dead. Sheriff McLanahan is quick to suspect Mrs. Alden, Joe’s mother in law. Joe must find a way to prove his mother in law’s innocent before it is too late,

Cold Wind is the first Joe Pickett novel I have read. I have been eyeing Mr. Box and this series for a while but just haven’t checked him out until now. What I read, I liked. I do plan to go back and start at the beginning with book one. I could see if me though from reading some of the other peoples thoughts on this book that I may have enjoyed this book more if, I had a stronger connection to the main characters, which would happen if I had been following this series since the beginning. The one thing that I did not care for was the fact that I was suppose to believe that a sixty year old woman could shot and kill her husband…ok, yes I can believe this but a sixty year old woman, who could kill her husband and than hang his body about six feet in the air, this I can not believe. So knowing this, I was just reading this book, in order to learn the real truth behind the killer and the motive. This book did keep up a good, steady pace. Beware there is a Cold Wind blown in and it is a killer!


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