Ever by my Side

Review by my friend Nancy.

Everyone who has ever owned a pet has, at one time or other, met a veterinarian. Some of us (myself included) have met surgeons. The people who, when things are decidedly not good, step in and perform miracles on our aging dogs and cats, hurt animals, young creatures with illnesses. Nick Trout is one of those vets. A veterinary surgeon in Boston, MA; Trout tells us of the years he wanted to grow up to be a vet and the years following his graduation. From Patch, the “Oh, by the way, dear we now own a dog” dog to Reggie (possible cat from Hell turned angel) and a course of others we learn how Nick Trout became a veterinarian and a surgeon at that.

His life is much like ours with a few kinks thrown in to keep it interesting. A father addicted to James Herriot, a mother addicted to golden retrievers and Nick in the middle trying to find his way amidst the dogs in his life. Mr. Trout, Sr. had envisioned Nick in Yorkshire Dales, sounding like Herriot and Dad at his side helping out in the office. Didn’t happen. When Nick goes into surgery, his father realizes that as Herriot-style life isn’t meant to be. When Nick moves to Boston for residency, he knows it for sure.

This book was lovely. Well phrased, even through tragedy; with real characters that could be sitting in my living room over a cup of tea discussing the latest football match. If you love animals you will truly enjoy this tale of dogs, a horrid/nice cat and a boy grown into his dream.


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