Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Kingmaking

The year was 450 in the Dark Ages of Britain.

Arthur Pendragon never dreamed that he would become heir to the throne of Britain as such a young age. After Uthr Pendragon passes away; Arthur learns that he is the next to claim the throne. Unfortunately it is not that easy. Arthur will have to fight for his place. You see as the Roman Empire was crumbling apart a vicious tyrant by the name of Vortigeru took control of the throne from Uthr. Now that Uthr has died, the people are ready for a new king.

Every king needs a beautiful woman by his side. Luckily there is just such a lady. Her name is Gwenhwyfar. Arthur and Gwen felt a mutual attraction to each other when they were younger. Now that they are older those feelings have not changed, even through people have tried to separate them. Gwen would gladly marry Arthur if he asked, that is exactly what Arthur plans to do. To his surprise he learns that Gwen’s father has promised her to another, which happens to be his enemy. Arthur and Gwen find themselves in a love triangle that consists of greed, betrayal, and honor.

The Kingmaking
is book one in the Pendragon’s Banner trilogy. I liked the concept of this new tale of Arthur and Gwenhwyfar. Like any one else, I can remember author pulling the sword from the stone and becoming king but other then this fact; there isn’t much else we know about Arthur. While I enjoy historical novels, The Kingmaking moved a little too slowly for me. I stumbled along a few times. Though I really appreciated the layout of this book, as it was broken up into sections. As each new section started, the year and month was stated so you could experience all the changes as the times moved.

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Having a witchy time with Linda Wisdom + Giveaway

I am happy and pleased to have author, Linda Wisdom stop by to discuss her latest book.

No More Ms. Nice Witch

Stasi Romanov is the sweet witch from the class of 1313 at the Witches Academy.

Stasi Romanov is the kind-hearted witch.

Stasi Romanov is the witch loyal to all.

Stasi Romanov is there for her friends.

So what happened? Why did she lose her temper and be ready to pretty much zap her surroundings?

First, she was served with papers that she was to be sued in Wizards Court because she allegedly gave a human customer a hexed sachet that guaranteed the woman’s cheating husband wouldn’t return to her. Was that a good thing? That’s for Stasi to know, if she did it, that is.

To make matters worse the plaintiff’s wizard attorney is gorgeous! We’re talking surfer dude type and the last thing she wants is to lust over the enemy.

There’s just one problem. The guy’s wearing red hearts over his head and Stasi has the same red hearts over hers. Cupid’s way of letting them know they were meant to be together.

You’d think that would be more than enough for a witch to handle. Pile on that the lake in her town is harmed by olde magick. The upcoming lunar eclipse coupled by Mercury Retrograde affects the townspeople that are now looking at her as the new version of the Wicked Witch of the West. And what about Samhain coming up where the veil between the living and the dead are the thinnest and the town’s ghosts like to return and hang out?

No matter how nice you are, would you really be able to keep your cool and continue to be a wonderful witch if all this was going on in your life? Or would you think about coming up with some creative hexes to put a few people in their place?

What would you do? And if you want to see how Stasi handles this, pick up a copy of Wicked By Any Other Name.


Thanks to Danielle with Source Books, I am giving away a copy of this book to one lucky winner. To enter leave a comment for Linda with your email address. This contest will end March 7th.

Wicked by Any Other Name

Witch Stasi Romanov learns that helping a friend doesn’t pay. Carrie, a human has just hired law attorney and wizard, Trevor Barnes to represent her as a client. She wants Stasi brought before the wizard counsel and her powers striped of her. Carrie claims that Stasi has interfered with her life by making her husband leave her. It is against the law for witches to meddle in human’s lives. Stasi is infuriated when she learns that she will have to argue her case not in the witches’ court but in wizard’s court. Witches and Wizards don’t really get along.

Stasi just may make an exception concerning wizard’s; especially when the wizard is heart throb Trevor Barnes. Trevor has not been in the presence of many witches for good reason. From the first moment Trevor meets Stasi he realizes that he might have the losing hand in this battle. What Trevor doesn’t know is that he actually has the winning smile. Will Stasi and Trevor give into their attraction for one another?

Wicked by Any Other Name by Linda Wisdom is a wickedly, fun, and magical read! I recently got introduced to Linda when I read Hex Appeal. Another paranormal romantic read that involves witches. Mrs. Wisdom’s books are quick reads. They can also be read as stand alone novels. I liked the fact that each book featured a new witch to meet and let me read her story. Now that I have discovered Linda Wisdom, I will keep reading her books as long as she keeps writing them.


I am sure you have heard of this man…Charles Dickens. He was some kind of famous writer. Ok, yes I can see the light bulb shine bright. We have all read and heard about Charles Dickens and his live but how well did we really know about Mr. Dickens.

The date was June 9, 1865. A day that will forever change Charles Dickens. While traveling on a train to London with his mistress, the train goes off the tracks. Charles is lucky to have survived or is he? Charles swears that he met death that day. Soon after Charles Dickens becomes obsessed by the seedy underbelly of London. He is making secret trips at night to places like crypts. Charles takes on a different persona. What became of Charles Dickens? Well to find out from Dan Simmons’s version you will just have to read this book for yourself.

I first discovered Mr. Simmons, when I read The Terror. Even though the book weighted about a ton (ok, not really). I was so impressed by how much I got into the story. I don’t remember much as happening around me. All I knew was that I couldn’t stop reading. Drood is only the second book I have read by Dan Simmons but I plan to read all of this earlier books. Mr. Simmons is such a talented prolific writer that when I read his books I am transported immediately into his world.

What a liked the most about Drood was the unknown factor. The unknown and unexplained question about what really did happen to Charles Dickens in those last few years of his life? This story is narrated by Mr. Dickens good friend and collaborator. Wilkie Collins. I have to admit that I am not as familiar with Wilkie as I am Charles. I enjoyed the fact that by having Wilkie share his accounts of his time spent with Mr. Dickens I got to know him better. Charles Dickens might have seemed crazy but in his own personal way, he was a very deep thinker. Drood is dark, sinister, and ooh so inviting. I can’t wait to get my hands on his next book.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Vagrants

This story takes place back in the seventies. A time when China was dealing with the Tiananmen Square uprising.

The Gu family was like any other family. They lived good quiet lives in the town of Muddy River. That all changed ten years ago. The Gu’s daughter, Gu Shan, a free spirit was raised like anyone else in the beliefs of Communism and China’s leader, Chairman Mao. Shan started thinking for herself and renounced her beliefs in communism. Shan was taken away. That was ten years ago. During that time Shan sat in a cell never backing down from what she believed in. Shan’s arrest tore Mr. and Mrs. Gu apart. Mrs. Gu loved her daughter and never gave up hope that she would see here again some day. This was the complete opposite for Mr. Gu. He had already committed himself in coming to the reality that he no longer had a daughter.

Having never read anything by Mrs. Li, I didn’t know what to expect when I sat down to read The Vagrants. Let me tell you if you thought the cover was gorgeous then you are in for a great surprise. Yiyun Li incorporates her life experiences with enduring, heart-felt characters to end up with a finished product that is so spectacular that it is almost had to describe. I was honestly and truly spellbound by the simplicity of what we take for granted…our freedom. Shan fights for the same thing, only she is prosecuted for her efforts but was willing to die for them if the need arised. The Vagrants is one of the best books I have read thus far in 2009.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Winter in Madrid

It was September 1940. A time when people could breathe again. The Spanish Civil War had ended. Leaving behind lost loved ones, strangers, and survivors are left to pick up the pieces in Madrid.

Harry Brett is a spy for the British Secret Service. After slowly recovering from a traumatic experience, he is sent to Madrid, Spain to seek out Sandy Forsyth. Sandy is a long time friend of Harry’s. He is also happens to be dealing in some shady business. Harry is charged with learning what he can about Sandy and the business he is dealing in. It seems though that Sandy isn’t the only one with something to hide. Sandy’s girlfriend and Ex-Red Cross nurse, Barbara Clare has a top secret mission of her own. To locate her old lover who disappeared on the battlegrounds of Jarama.

I enjoyed Harry, Sandy and Barbara. They had some good dimension and depth to them; they were not just one dimension. Winter in Madrid is like a beautiful tragic, love story filled with intrigue in the lovely location of Spain. C.J. Sansom transported me back in time. It was like I was walking the streets of Madrid. The only concern I had with this book was that it did move somewhat slowly for me. Also I do have to admit that I put it down a few times. This is one of those books you have to be in the mood to read. Let me tell you though that once you do pick this novel up, I think you will be drawn into the story. Mr. Sansom offers up some talent with Winter in Madrid.

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The Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death

It takes a lot to be part of Los Angeles’s crime scene time, in other words a strong stomach. This is one thing that new to the crime team, Web Goodhue doesn’t have. Web tries to tough it out as he really needs the job. Web gets approached by a woman who needs Web’s help to clean up a mess.

I so wanted to read The Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death after reading the summary. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed with this book. I didn’t even finish the book. In fact I started it and after only about twenty pages into the story, I put it down and read a few other books. I just came back to this book and tried reading it again and my first impression of it did not change. It was for lack of trying that I didn’t like this book. It was just that the story moved too slowly for me and the dialogic between the characters was too wordy. Yes, I enjoyed knowing details about the job and the crime scene but I didn’t need a step by step manual on every little detail both big and small. Who knows maybe some day I might pick this book up again and try finishing it.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Take a Carpet Ride

I want to thank Mike with Second Wind Publishing for sending me a copy of this book to review.

You can purchase a copy of the book here

Sam Stanley and his family decided to rent a RV and take a vacation up through northern California to the Oregon coast. If they had know then what they know now, they would have stayed home. After many extricating hours traveling in the RV, Sam had almost reached their destination when he ran over something in the road. When Sam goes to investigate the object, it is gone. Same assumes whatever it was must have rolled off the cliff.

As Sam and his family are driving up to their house, they find the police waiting for them. They inform Sam that they would like to talk to him about the accident he had with the RV. The police take Sam down to the station. They tell Sam that the Oregon police believe the object Sam drove over was a man. His name is Robert Riddlin and he was from Boulder, Colorado.

Things go from bad to worse for Sam and his family. As his wife, Lynn has an accident and is taken to the hospital. Later someone tries to take Sam out for good with first a gas leak and then they break in to his home. Sam is ready to fight back. He asks for help from his friend, John Canton. John agrees to play detective and travels to Colorado. There he meets Cynthia “Cindy” Kildeer, a receptionist for Mr. Riddlin. She loved Mr. Riddlin like a father and wants to help any way she can. Together they start investigating in the murder of Bob. Their two prime suspects are Nathan Hanover, Bob’s co-partner and Katrina, Bob’s wife. And you thought your vacation was bad!

Carpet Ride is the first novel I have read by Norm Brown. I enjoyed the simple who-dun-it plot. The characters were believable. In addition to the fact that I connected with the characters which is always a plus. I was amazed at how much I really liked this book. I had a hard time putting it down. The only reason I did was because I read this book during my lunch hour at work, which was a big mistake, because I didn’t want to go back to work. Norm Brown is a mystery fan’s author. So go out today and pick up a copy for yourself of Carpet Ride.

American Rust

Isaac and Billy Poe were the best of friends. They went everywhere together. That is great as friends are exactly the kind of thing you want in the small town of Buell, Pennsylvania, a dying steel town.

One fatal evening, something happens that will change Isaac and Poe’s lives forever. While hiding out at an abandoned building, Poe gets accosted by a wanderer. Poe and Isaac panic and do everything they can to get away. Issac grabs a ball bearing and throws at the man. The man goes down for good. The police discover the body as well as Poe’s coat at the scene. They arrest Poe but not Isaac. As it stands now, Isaac is only a witness. Without Poe by his side, Isaac becomes a little lost. He takes off out of town. Isaac faces situations where he has to make decisions for himself. Poor Poe what will become of him?

American Rust by Philipp Meyer is a good, heartwarming, simple but enduring story about two friends; who no matter what stick with each other through thick and thin. I predict American Rust will hopefully become a classic, amongst readers. What I found is that Poe was the stronger of the two. He may be quiet but that is because he is a thinker and problem solver. Isaac is the complete opposite. He jumps in feet first to any situation. Along the way Isaac realizes that he needs to start depending more on his brains and does some growing up along the way. Even though at first this book started to move a little slowly for me, once I got further into the story, I found myself enjoying every minute of it. In the words of the famous Edgar Allen Poe, I am happy to say that you will not hear the following words spoken out of my mouth…”Nevermore” when it comes to Mr. Meyer.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Wild and Fun times with Mary Patrick Kavanaugh

I am pleasured to share with you my interview with author Mary Patrick Kavanaugh of Family Plots. She is so funny as you will see from her interview. Plus you have got to check out the funeral she heard on her website.

I want to thank you for allowing me this interview with you.

Can you please tell everyone about yourself?

That’s a pretty broad question, so I’ll just throw out a few things…Female, age 47, Caucasian, identifies as Black Irish, and very family and friend oriented. I’ve always craved a traditional lifestyle, but never created it in any real way—which makes me believe I prefer to live life a bit on the edge, with some comfortable trappings to keep me looking sane.

I believe in ghosts and that I can talk to dead people. I also believe I’m delusional, so never know when to take these inclinations seriously. I love my friends, my neighborhood, and my crazy Oakland church. Philosophically I am a vegetarian but my favorite food is the meatball. So. I call myself: Vegethespian (act like a vegetarian, but am really an omnivore.)

I’m a serious romantic, brag constantly about my perfect daughter, and babies always make me smile. I feel my feelings deeply, so am as likely to collapse into a heap of sobs as I am to joke my way out of a bad mood. So far I don’t need any major medications, but always like it when the dentist gives me a prescription for painkillers.

Other than that, mostly I’m a healthy gal. I eat well, exercise regularly, eat lots of fresh food, and get a good night’s sleep which prevents me from being mean and emotional.

I, like Obama, have the audacity of hope—even though I’m a little worried about his stimulus package.

Are you a morning or evening person?

I’m an ex-evening person who annoys non-morning people with my incessant cheerfulness and optimism that reaches its height after that first cuppa joe.

What are your favorite scents?

I love the smell of vanilla, baked bread, Opium perfume, barbecue and babies. I would dab all except the babies behind my ear if I thought it would enhance a romantic experience.

What is your daughter Rachel up to now?

Rachel, whose real name is Ashley, is at UCLA and will graduate this June. She is studying math and geography and plans to go to grad school so she can teach. She has a great passion and calling to teach kids, and she’s also got a flair for dramatics—a great combo for the classroom. She’s a wild adventure girl, into the camping, hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, canoeing, skinny-dipping and building snow caves. She also does this for a living as an outdoor adventure guide. She is smart, loving, kind, funny, and wise. Did I mention I like to brag about her?

You teach workshops. Can you please share what types of workshops you teach to others?

With full time work and book promoting, I don’t do much teaching now. I’ve taught some writing workshops, however am called upon most often to teach marketing subjects. I do love to draw attention to great products, people, events and books and have a flair for finding ways to get the word out. There is much for me to learn about doing this in the high tech world of social networking.

What made you decide to write a memoir? Was it hard to write?

After my father-in-law, husband, and mother-in-law all died with me holding both their hands and their secrets I was stunned and confused. As someone who has been writing since about the age of eight, it was almost as if I had no choice but to write in order to make sense of it all. And for the first time ever, there seemed to be a narrative arc to what I was attempting to sort out – a beginning, a middle and an end. I wrote it as a memoir so I could filter through this amazing decade in my life—and also to spend more time with the people I’d loved and lost—but in the process I learned that real life offers much that is repetitive and tedious. So it became necessary for me to streamline (fictionalize) parts of the story so that it had more momentum for the reader. And was it hard to write? So, so hard. Like climbing a mountain that seemed to often present what seemed to be the summit, only to learn that the real summit was up MUCH higher, way beyond the clouds.

I read that your goal was to become a successful bestselling author but you have now switched that to become a successful rejection author. What has the response been like from other people in the book industry?

There’s been such a great and mixed response. When I held the funeral for my dream of landing a mainstream publisher book contract, I was contacted by a few agents—one quite famous--who thought the idea hilarious. One wanted to offer representation for my next book, and the other, more well-connected agent, told me to keep doing what I was doing with the self promotion. She said the business was “the shits” right now, especially for first time, unknown authors, and that I should “see where it takes me.” But then there were blogs where writers were aghast that I took such an irreverent approach to the traditional way of publishing the book, and these people wrote things such as, by self publishing and orchestrating a book funeral (which was really a book launch) I was putting the last nail in my own career coffin. There are some who think that, like most writers, I should have tossed that a first novel into a drawer and just moved on to write the next. But I didn’t want to. I wrote my book to be read and figured, what the hell, I would get it out there while creating a very fun book launch experience that involved the community. So for me, it was just another opportunity to stop worrying about other people’s ideas, thoughts, and opinions and follow my own internal creative calling.

I see that you released the book yourself. What was the process like?

It’s been both expensive and empowering. When I received my last rejection and came up with the idea to hold a funeral for my dead dream of publishing through the mainstream (see the funeral and book launch event at ), it’s like something cracked open for me. The shame and disappointment of failure was transformed into the sheer energizing joy of launching a new creative project. It reminded me of what every wise spiritual guru teaches: that it is not the end result that we should be focusing on, but our enjoyment of the day-to-day process. That’s what helped me come up with my tagline for my website: “Transforming life’s crap into compost, one plot at a time.” Plus, it gave me the idea to invite others to bury their own dead dreams along with mine, and when you are able to ritualize loss and share it in community, there is a satisfying feeling of connection like no other—it was both funny and healing.

Even through all the hardships you endured you came out a survivor. What is some advice you would give other people in difficult situations?

My best advice is to know that the story—your story—is never, ever over as long as you are willing to turn the page into the next day. And I really know how hard that can be. But don’t give up, don’t think you know what the best outcome should look like, and don’t forget to be kind to yourself all the time you are feeling like shit. This too will pass, but until it does, stay away from cranks and watch lots of comedy.

Any last words to the readers?

Please, help a sister out. Buy my book.

Family Plots: Love, Death, and Tax Evasion

Family Plots: Love, Death, and Tax Evasion is a true life memoir on the life of Mary Patrick Kavanaugh. It is about Mary and how she fell in love with who she thought was her prince charming but ended up having a dark side.

When Mary first met her husband, Dan, he was very charming, handsome and a very loving guy to her daughter, Rachel. Dan made Mary feel beautiful and re-energized. Meeting Dan was a good turning point in Mary’s life. She started to get out of debt and had just gotten a job as a private investigator. Things were really going the way they were suppose to for Mary. After months of dating, Dan and Mary got married and became a family.

Mary had some odd feelings about Dan and his work. He always seemed to be working long hours either with Richard, his partner or in their basement. Mary really didn’t know what Dan did but whatever it was, he kept things behind locked drawers. Later Mary discovered Dan’s deep, dark secrets but by this time Dan’s debt was her debt as well. Mary didn’t know what to do but she did know that she needed to provide for her daughter as well as be there for her dying husband.

I sat down to start reading this book not knowing if I would really like it or not as to the fact that I have not read many memoirs. Since I began getting into reviewing books seriously, I have learned to venture out of my comfort zone and try new genres like reading memoirs. I am so glad I have as I have discovered and met so very nice and aspiring individuals. People like Mary Patrick Kavanaugh. Though all the hardships and hurdles that were thrown her way, she came out a fighter. She is now debt free and doing great. Despite all the rejections Mary has received for her memoir, I believe this is a great novel.

Check out Ms. Kavanaugh's website

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Sunday Salon

I am happy to share with you all another new author I met on Good Reads. Her name is Lee Moylan. She is the author of Once Upon a Nightmare.

No one ever imagined that something terrible would happen in the small town of White Chapel, especially Sara Bishop. The night was October thirteenth. The night when the Hunter’s Moon appeared. Rebecca who is Sara’s friend had been calling her all weekend wanting to talk but Sara didn’t have time to talk to her.

Sara wakes up in the middle of the night, having just had a nightmare. The next morning Sara senses something is wrong with Rebecca. She heads over to her house. The scene that awaits Sara is so horrific that it is beyond words. Sara wishes she had answered Rebecca’s cries for help; instead Sara tried to ignore her gift. Sara won’t make that mistake again. This is a good thing as the killer has targeted Sara next.

I really liked Sara because even faced with great adversity, she never backed down. The killer was so sinister that he almost gave me a chill. I have read many psycho serial killer novels. In fact these are my favorite type of books to read. I like the psychoanalytical aspect of getting into the killer’s mind and trying to figure out what triggered the killer to start killing and what made the victims so special. This is exactly the same thing that author Lee Moylan enjoys trying to solve as well. It shows when an author enjoys what they write from their interests. The end result turns out to be an outstanding novel. One that you can’t put down. Once upon a nightmare is a recommended read.

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Seducing a Scottish Bride

Lady Gelis MacKenzie is an heiress. She is one of the most beautiful and headstrong heiress to live in the highlands. Gelis may be an heiress but she is just like every other woman and in the fact that she is looking for love. Gelis ends up dreaming of a dark haired man, who she believes is her true love.

Ronan MacRuari is cursed and so because of this he won’t marry again. He has just recently buried his second wife. Ronan is also known as the Raven. This is because of his dark hair. Too much of Ronan’s disappointment, he learns that he is to be married for the third time to Lady Gelis. He tries to get rid of Gelis by warning her of his curse. Gelis does not believe in curses. She is determined to prove to Ronan that she is the woman for him. Who knows, like the saying says “The third time’s the charm”!

I really enjoyed Gelis. She is charming to everyone, kind and was willing to put up with all of Ronan’s crap. I could see why all of the ladies wanted Ronan. He is tall, stocky and a great protector. Seducing a Scottish Bride is book six in this series. The good part is that you do not have to read the rest of the books to enjoy this story. This book is a quick read. You could tell that author Sue-Ellen Welfonder really enjoys her historicals. I am adding Sue-Ellen Welfonder to my list of authors to keep reading.

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Having a paranormal experience with J.K. Coi

I am pleased to having author, J.K. Coi stop by my blog to talk about her newest book in the Immortal series.


Yep, I live with Immortals. Huge, stubborn warriors who barely know the meaning of compromise and never give up until they get exactly what they want. Difficult to reason with and impossible to out-muscle...but at least they don’t scare my neighbours and eat me out of house and home. They don’t leave the toilet seat up or throw their torn, bloodstained laundry on the floor. I don’t have to wrestle any one of them for the television remote, and they don’t destroy my living room with their swords when they’re training.

They just do all of that in my head.

Yes, I’m probably a little bit crazy (really, what writer isn’t?) but I’ve read the self-help books, taken the 12-step program, and I’m willing to admit it to the world: My characters are real to me – And they don’t necessary do what they’re told.

For example, when I began to plan out the series, I had a very clear picture of each of the men in each book and the roles they were going to play—The stoic leader (Rhys), the cocky bad boy (Baron), and the reluctant warrior (Gideon). Alric and the others were the necessary supporting characters who would help me flesh out the “real” heroes.

But just as I was finishing up Baron’s story, the entire series’ plot arc took a sharp twist—all because one of the other Immortals stepped forward, no longer content to stay in his “supporting role”.

Alric. In the first two books, we see him as strong and centered. His relationship with Diana is a perfect model of happily ever after. But in writing him as a secondary character, his past was slowly revealed to me; the horrible torture, the endless darkness, and the overwhelming rage. I needed to know how he had gotten through it, how he had escaped the certainty of madness to become the man he is now—and of course, the answer was Diana. She was his saviour, his light.

And then I was too intrigued by what he told me to set him in the background again, relegated to the sidelines. The questions and possibilities wouldn’t leave me alone. What would happen if that light were taken away, if darkness were to envelop him once more? What would happen if he were faced with his worst nightmare in the very image of the one person who kept him sane?

The story just had to be written.

Dark Immortal (Book 3, Immortal Series)

Five years of happiness, erased in one vicious act of violence.Diana freed Alric from his prison and the insanity of his own mind, offering him the kind of love only a fool would deny. Now she lies broken and comatose from a vampire attack, locked deep inside herself where he cannot reach her. Awakening in a strange bed, Diana has no memory of how she got there. The huge, muscled man leaning over her is straight out of nightmares full of blood and pain. Married to him? It can’t be true…even if her body craves his touch, and the anguish in his eyes shatters something deep inside her.Alric has no intention of giving up on the woman who never stopped fighting for him. His one hope is that time will heal her mind. But with a demon god poised to tip the balance of power, time is not on their side…

Dark Immortal is now available from Linden Bay Romance (

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Thank you so much to Cheryl and the Book Nook for having me today!

J.K. Coi writes dark and edgy paranormal romance, where love is all consuming, the stakes are always high, and the immortals are to die for...

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Book Giveaway

For anyone who loves books, this is the contest for you.

Turn-of-the-century Paris was the beating heart of a rapidly changing world. Painters, scientists, revolutionaries, poets--all were there. But so, too, were the shadows: Paris was a violent, criminal place, its sinister alleyways the haunts of Apache gangsters and its cafes the gathering places of murderous anarchists. In 1911, it fell victim to perhaps the greatest theft of all time--the taking of the Mona Lisa from the Louvre.

Immediately, Alphonse Bertillon, a detective world-renowned for pioneering crime-scene investigation techniques, was called upon to solve the crime. And quickly the Paris police had a suspect: a young Spanish artist named Pablo Picasso....Please visit

If this book interest you and you live in the US or Canada, then leave a comment to be entered to win a copy. Must have a valid mailing address, No PO Boxes. Also leave a email address (this is important as I have had many people not do so and miss out on winning) Thanks

Also you can gain a second entry if you blog about this contest and leave a link to your post. Contest will end March 13th. Thanks and Good Luck

The Book of Night Women

When Lilith was born, she was feared by many. This is because when Lilith was born she had skin as black as midnight but eyes like an emerald. It was believed that there lives something evil in Lilith because of her green eyes. There were not many blacks born with green eyes. Lilith grew up knowing only one type of life and that is the slave life. Lilith works on a plantation and has been through many masters.

Lilith has gotten close to some of the other slaves and others she can’t get along with. There is one woman in particular called Circe. For some reason Circe does not like Lilith and tries to make trouble for her. Then there is Homer a big, beautiful black woman, who at first Lilith feared but as the years went by, she formed a bond of sorts with.

Lilith’s new master is Robert Quinn. He is different from all the other master’s Lilith has had. He is nicer and seems interested in Lilith. There are a group of women known as the night women, who have been planning for a long time to start a slave revolt and have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to do so. Now that Lilith is older, the group decides to recruit Lilith to help them with their revolt.

The Book of Night Women is a story about deceit, jealously, love, freedom and discovering oneself. Lilith is the main character. Though she only knew the slave life, Lilith knew there was another world outside of the plantation. I was proud of the fact that she did not just settle for what she had. As much as I enjoyed this book, there were at times where it was hard to follow only because of the way the characters spoke. Otherwise except for this fact, The Book of the Night Woman brought me back to the past when this was the first type of books I read for the simple reason that I loved this time era. Mr. James did a very good job with this novel. I plan to check out his next book.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Desire Unchained

A long, long time ago; Runa Wagner fell in love with a stranger. She never expected to but it just happened. Shade is a Seminus demon. Though he has been with many women, he won’t soon forget the one that rocked his world.

Shade wakes up cuffed in chains and locked in a cell. Shade instantly realizes he is not alone. Runa has waited a long time to get her revenge on Shade. Now that this moment has presented itself to her, Runa starts having second thoughts. She deserves to get her revenge, especially since if it wasn’t for Shade, she won’t be living the life of a werewolf. Shade hungers for Runa. He needs her body and soul to provide him release. Is Shade’s want for Runa of his own accord or due to a curse put on him?

Shade and Runa make a great pair…a demon and a werewolf. This combination is a new one for me but a good pairing. They are both two sexy people who can’t keep their hands off each other. They are like magnets. The pull is too strong to keep them apart.

I have really gotten into the darker, more urban paranormal books. Desire Unchained falls into this category. It is edgier, a little more on the violent side, and all of the characters in this story kick butt! Desire Unchained is book two in the demonica series. Passion Unleashed is the next book that will be released. Larissa Ione is a new author to me. I am so glad that I discovered her sooner rather than later in this series. Now I only have to go back and read book one, so that I am ready when book three comes out.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Unholy Domain

I want to thank Mr. Ronco for sending me a copy of his book to review.

A vicious computer virus tore across the internet and before anyone could stop it; more than a million people had died. Now a decade later, civilization is rebuilding its self. Everyone is rebuilding their lives and trying to survive with new life. The one thing the virus did was to split the civilization. There are now those who believe technology is the future and those who believe it is the work of the devil. The ones that believe it is the devil’s work are out to destroy the makers.

The one person who knows best what really went wrong so many years ago is dead. David Brown, son of the virus creator wants to set things right. He does not believe his father is guilty of killing so many people. David sets out on a mission to find the truth about what really happened.

Unholy Domain is a great high-tech, sci-fi, techno-thriller. I can’t believe I just said that. I usually stray away from these types of books, only because I have tried reading this genre before and usually find that these books don’t excite me much. With this book I did not have to worry about this happening to me. In fact my hands and eyes were glued to every word till the every last page. I have Mr. Ronco to thank for writing this savvy thriller. I can now once again get my feet wet and give this genre another try. What I liked so much about this novel is the fast pace and the question of what if…what if this really did happen, what would we do? Would we fear technology or accept it. That is the question. I recommend anyone who is looking for something new to read to pick up a copy of Unholy Domain today.

Check out Mr. Ronco's website

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Save the Best for Last and Book giveaway

I had the great opportunity to interview Mr. Hanks. You can read my review below.

I want to thank you for letting me interview you.

Thank you too for having me here, Cheryl.

Please tell everyone about yourself? Also please share something about yourself that people would be surprised to learn about.

Nice question, sincerely, I’m a guy down to earth. I’m a pleasant person, I like listening to people of all kinds. Becoming a published author was one of my resolutions I made at the beginning of last year, after realizing that I had a plenty of catchy stories which the world would like to read.
I have a full time job, I read daily as writer and writing is something I love doing apart from my hr career.

What is it like living in Dubai?

Dubai is such an amazing multicultural city and it has become so, in unimaginable period. It’s a dynamic place with wonderful people from all corners of the world; I love the place as continues to develop predominantly among many other Middle Eastern cities.

Do you have any type of routine when you’re writing?

Honestly yes, writing daily is a must to me except on the weekends. I always write late in the nights and some few mornings on my day off’s. But I prefer writing late at night because it’s more convenient to me at the moment.

Writing in the morning would be great, if I was writing full time. But some days I get dilemma in deciding what to do first between writing and answering emails of which some may be requiring urgent attention.

Anyway, I will deal with it when I start writing full time.

What is your favorite food to eat?

Oh gosh!!! My favorite food? Butter chicken with rice and French fries makes a good meal for me, if you’re to invite me for lunch.

How did you come up with the concept for Save the Best for Last?

On this, I must concede that the concept of Save the best for last was a day dream I had one afternoon when I was lying reluctantly on my bed. I remember everything was just visually crazy in making before I grab a key board on to my lap. So, as a person who loved writing and the fact that I’m a creative writing student, I knew this was a novel event. From that day, I decided to put it in writing as visual aspects continued to unfold endlessly until now.

One of the main characters in the book is named Zwick. I am curious how you came up with this name?

Well, his name is a bit exotic, I admit that. But Zwick is one of the most popular male names used in green oasis, a fantasy town. I didn’t have to use my neighbors’ names or look for a baby names book to get the name of my hero. As a fantasy author, hopefully the next “Stephen King” I thought it was important for me to sit, think and see how my work would stand unique from other works. But Zwick is just a name out of my imaginations.

How did you react to the news, when you heard that your novel, Save the Best for Last was going to be published by Raider Publishing International?

It was on my birthday when I received a call, that my manuscript had been accepted. It was the greatest surprise I got on my 21st birthday. I jumped up with joy to an extent of mashing my friend’s foot.

What else do readers have to look forward to from you?

A sequel to save the best for last is on the way. I also have two single title books in editing process; hopefully they will be available for my readers in a near future.

I’m also tempted to say that, we have received two movie proposals for save the best for last. But I can’t disclose more that at this moment.

What is the one piece of advice you want to give readers?

Definitely, I advise my readers. Never rush to get things done for no good reason and always stand up for what you believe in…even if it means standing alone.
I also recommend you to read my book, save the best for last to readers.

Thank you again for allowing me this interview. I appreciate it.

It has been a privilege to me.

To read more about Mr. Hanks and his book go to his website

Mr. Hanks was very generous in the fact that he is giving away five copies of his book to anyone in the world.

To enter. Left a comment for Mr. Hanks with your email address. Contest ends Feb 28th.

A mystical journey ride

A big thank you goes to author, Kim Hanks for sending me his book to review.

Many years ago in a oasis town something terrible took place. There were two men by the names of Zwick Lamps and Karl Hamilton. A horrific fire raged through the town and Zwick and Karl were both put on trial. Zwick was set free but Karl was convicted and beheaded.

Now present day, Zwick is reborn once again but this time he has supernatural powers that only one person knew about and that was Madam Tabitha. A woman who’s husband died on their wedding day. Zwick was not the only one who came back from the dead. An evil bangle arose from Karl’s body. It seeks revenge and destruction to all in the oasis town.

Zwick becomes attracted to a girl by the name of Whitney. Whitney and Zwick form a connection as they both have experienced tragedy. Whitney’s mother died in an accident. Everything is good till the one day when someone learns about Zwick and targets him. Now Zwick will do everything in his powers to keep history from repeating itself.

I did get a little confused at first by what was happening but that quickly went away as I got further along in the story. I could pick up on Mr. Hanks love for JK. Rowling’s Harry Potter books as some of that magic appeared in his novel. Save the Best for Last was filled with lots of magic, adventure and friendship. What a nice first novel from new author Kim Hanks. Save the Best for Last is the first novel in this series. Can’t wait to see how the series and characters play out.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Sunday Salon

I want to thank K. Celeste Bryan for sending me a copy of her book to review.

I gave this book 5 stars.

The year was 1864.

Francesca "Cesca" Duvall, her father and brother, Marshall were living in Denver City, Colorado due to the gold rush. The camp where Cesca and her family were living at gets attacked by Cheyenne warriors. Cesca and Marshall get captured and taken back to the Cheyenne village. There Cesca meets the leader. His name is Ethan Gray otherwise known as Meko. He is a skilled and powerful dog solider.

Instantly Cesca despise him. All she can think about is taking her brother and escaping. As the days pass, Cesca starts to adopt the Cheyenne people’s way of life. She soon is wearing buckskin clothing and participating in their rituals. Just because Cesca is dressing and acting like the Cheyenne does not mean she has fully accepted Meko.

There is one thing that has Cesca occupied and that is finding a way to help her brother escape. When Marshall and Cesca were first captured so long ago; Marshall did not end up as lucky as Cesca. Marshall found himself a slave for Chocking Wolf. Chocking Wolf is one of the meanest warriors in the village. He hates the white people. Cesca helps Marshall escape. Now Cesca finds herself in a heap of trouble. The only way she can be saved is to put her trust in Meko as well as giving her heart to him. Will Cesca be able to do give Meko her mind, body, soul and most importantly love?

First off let me start off my saying…I loved Where the Rain is Made! I predict this book to be a best seller. It is so good that words can’t describe it but I will try. I enjoyed everyone from Cesca to Meko and everyone else in between. I read the electronic version and at three hundred plus pages, I sometimes have a hard time sitting for so long staring at a computer screen but I have to tell you that when I began reading this book that I found myself glued to the sit. My husband ended up finishing cooking dinner for me as I was engrossed in this book. Where the Rain is Made is a pleasure to read. There are not many books that come along like this one but when they do, watch out. I am now on the hunt to read more books by K. Celeste Bryan.

You can read more about this author and her books at her website

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Giveaway

Bingo over at Bookin with Bingo is hosting a giveaway starting today and ending February 28th. To see details on how you can win enter here

It's all about the children

I received two children's books last week. I thought it would be a good chance to start getting into reviewing more as my nephews and nieces are getting to an age where they can read and understand what is happening in the books.

I want to start reading more with them. Unlike myself where the teachers at school didn't even realize I couldn't read and I was in the second grade. This is when my mom decided to homeschool my sister and I and it was one of the best things that could ever happen to me. So now you know a little bit more about me. I was homeschooled from grade 3 till I graduated high school. Now I can't stop reading and can't imagine nevering being able to read.

Now with no further ado, I present Baron thinks dogs are people too! and Too tall Alice.

Baron thinks dogs are people too! is a story about a dog named Baron. He had a great family who loved him very much, but there was one thing missing…Baron wanted a best friend. Baron tried everything he could to gain a best friend. Unfortunately his behavior was misinterpreted in the wrong way. Baron was sent off to dog obedience school. Baron came back a new dog but good manners still couldn’t change the fact that Baron wanted a best friend. Will Baron ever find his best friend?

Baron thinks dogs are people too! is a cute, fun children’s book. It is written by Laurie Dean and illustrated by Kevin Collier. Baron is the kind of dog you just want to snuggle up to and hug. Who wouldn’t want to be his best friend. I think this is a good book that any child would enjoy reading. The illustrations were also very good. Pick yourself up a copy of Baron thinks dogs are people too! and make Baron your new best friend.

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Also check out the website

Alice is eight years old. She goes to school like any other eight year old but she is unique. Already Alice is four inches taller than every other girl in school. When it comes to picture time, she is the only girl to stand in the back row with the boys. Despite her parents telling Alice she was just fine, she hated being tall and wished she was just four inches shorter.

While in her dreams, Alice is paid a visit by basketball players, supermodels, and circus performance girls. They all have one thing in common…they are all tall. Some of the basketball players are seven feet tall. They show Alice that she can be anything she wants to be. It does not matter her height. Alice realizes they are right and accepts her self for who she is. Alice learns that her extra four inches are nothing but a number.

I found Alice to be a loveable girl. She has quite a vivid imagination. Too Tall Alice teaches children a great positive message that no matter what people may say or think, being different can be a good thing. It makes you unique and special in your own way. I would read this book to any child. The illustrations in this story were bright, fun and creative. Dom Rodi did a good job. I have never read any of author, Barbara Worton’s other children’s books but after reading this one, I would gladly check out her other books.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Trouble in High Heels

Lori Granger is heiress to her late father’s multi-millions in riches. She spends the money on everything but the one thing she is most generous about spending her money on is charity events. Lori can’t help but donate lots and lots of money away. Maybe that is why before Lori’s father passed away, he set a stipulation on how much money Lori can spend.

Lori is visited by Jackson James. He is the CPA that her father’s estate hired to control Lori’s spending habits. Lori is outraged when she learns that Jackson is a babysitter of sorts for her. She can’t go anywhere without seeing him over her shoulder, counting every penny she spends. Jackson informs her that the only way she can get rid of him is if she finds herself a husband. Jackson agrees to help Lori find Mr. Right. All Lori sees is Mr. Wrong but will she realize that Mr. Right has been standing right in front of her face the whole time?

Trouble in High Heels by Leanne Banks is a nice light read. It is one of those books that if you want to get away from your busy life for a little while, you can and maybe have some fun at the same time. I thought Lori and Jackson made a perfect match for each other. Lori was friendly, out-going and lots of fun; whereas Jackson was the by the books kind of guy who needed to loosen up. Leanne Banks will give you more for your buck!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hanging out with Emily Bryan

I am pleased to be hosting Emily Bryan and her new novel, Vexing the Viscount.

Thanks for having me here today, Cheryl!

As readers, we all have our favorites and for me, it’s always been historical romance. Cheryl asked me to share what makes historicals so appealing.

The first romance I ever read was a historical—Kathleen Woodiwiss’s The Wolf and the Dove. Needless to say, I was hooked.

Now, I won’t denigrate any other subgenre. There are some fabulous stories being written in contemporary settings and in alternative realities, but historicals are the ultimate fictive dream. They hold a special place in my heart for a number of reasons.

1. A good historical takes me away. For sheer escapism, you can’t beat a historical romance. Anytime we read, we are trying on someone else’s life—different fashions, different diversions, different world view. With Vexing the Viscount, my readers get to gavotte in Daisy’s Venetian platform shoes without developing a single blister.

The world of the historical romance is a world gone by. I may visit London or Rome or Constantinople, but I cannot visit them as they were in the past. Reading a non-fiction history book will not transport me there. The sights, sounds, scents, the essence of those places can only be found in the pages of well-crafted fiction.

2. A good historical gives a history lesson without being pedantic. The first time I read MM Kaye’s The Far Pavilions, I felt I’d actually walked British India and understood a little of the clash of cultures and religions that still plague that part of the world.

The historical romance readership is so sophisticated; we authors cheat on the history at our peril. I once read an interview with a romance author (whose name I will not share) who said she loved writing historicals because anytime she didn’t know the details, she’d just make something up. Needless to say, she’s no longer writing historicals. Now, if you visit any historical romance writer’s website, you’re likely to find pages dedicated to the backstory, the history behind their books. (Check out my Courtesan’s Club at for the straight skinny on Georgian fashions, courtesans and Roman Britain.)

3. A good historical uses the exaggerated manners of the day to heighten the sensual tension. In other words, “Repressed sex is the best sex!” The longing in a glance, the enormous significance of a single touch, the powder keg of wanting ignited by a stolen kiss . . . by the time the hero and heroine get around to ‘doing the deed,’ they’ve already steamed up the pages with plenty of sexual tension.

4. A good historical has a dashing historical hero. He doesn’t fit into only one mold. He may be a foppish lord (Anybody remember The Scarlet Pimpernel?), a hard-working Master of the Horse (Hoyt’s The Leopard Prince), a disgraced military man (Cindy Holby’s Fallen or my own Pleasuring the Pirate) or a debauched rake (Take your pick. The rake has been done to death!). We love him in our fiction, but we might not date him if he called us up.

We tolerate behavior in a fictional rake that would have us curling our lip if he were trying to buy us an adult beverage at the local watering hole. I am hearing from some readers that they are tired of “man whores”—rakes who’ve been with so many women they’ve lost count. (That’s one of the reasons I made Lucian, my hero in Vexing the Viscount, a virgin at the beginning of the story. Don’t worry. He’s a quick study!)

The uber-testosteroned machismo of the historical hero, all that swashbuckling and swordplay, would have us rolling our eyes and running for cover if he were a man of the 21st century. The lord may be filthy rich, but his courtly manners might have us wondering about his sexual orientation if he were suddenly dropped into the next cubical. We may admire the self-made commoner hero, but the man does have a whiff of the stable swirling about him.

But we love the historical hero, whatever type he may be, because he always ends up slavishly devoted to the heroine.

And isn’t that the best fictive dream of all?

Ok, now it’s your turn. Why do YOU love to read historical romance?

Emily Bryan’s Vexing the Viscount is a February 24th release from Leisure Books. Buy Link

You can check out the book trailer here

Thanks to Emily Bryan. Everyone who comments today will be entered to win a copy of Vexing the Viscount. Check back tomorrow to see if you are a winner.

Vexing a Viscount

I would like to thank Emily Bryan for sending me an ARC copy of her newest release to review.

Daisy Drake is all grown up and sophisticated now. She is not the clumsy little girl that Lucian Beaumont, Viscount Rutland used to play with. Daisy is hoping Lucien sees that change in her, especially since she is the one that gave him the scar on his chin.

When Lucian is approached by Daisy, he is memorized by her beauty but that is before he hears why she has seeked him out. Daisy informs Lucian that she would like to fund his digging excavation to uncover Roman artifacts as long as she can come along on the site. Lucian flat out refuses Daisy’s offer.

Daisy comes up with the perfect plan to get Lucian to agree. She decides to dress and act the part of a seductive courtesan named Blanche La Tour. Will Daisy’s plan be a success or will it backfire on her causing her heartache?

It has been a while since I have come across a viscount that is as dashing, suave, and loveable as Lucian Beaumont. I had a great time observing Daisy switch back and forth between roles of playing Blanche and herself. Vexing the Viscount by Emily Bryan receives two thumbs up. This story goes down into my records as one of the best historical romances I have read thus far in 2009! I was so engrossed into reading that I went to turn the next page and realized there was no next page as I have finished the book. Thank goodness the next time I am looking for a romance to read, I know just where to go to find one.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What's in a Name book Challenge

Bingo over at Bookin with Bingo is hosting this challenge. I thought I would give it a try.

*The Challenge: Choose one book from each of the following categories to read this year. As you read them keep track of the titles and when you have done them all, report back. There is no OFFICIAL prize other than the sense of accomplishment.....well, maybe one or two little treats to the first who finish and some surprise prizes in between now and DECEMBER. I think it will be great fun! I will put little reminders in every so often to keep people working on this!

1. A book with a "profession" in its title. Examples might include: The Book Thief, The Island of Dr. Moreau, The Historian

2. A book with a "time of day" in its title. Examples might include: Twilight, Four Past Midnight, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

3. A book with a "relative" in its title. Examples might include: Eight Cousins, My Father's Dragon, The Daughter of Time

4. A book with a "body part" in its title. Examples might include: The Bluest Eye, Bag of Bones, The Heart of Darkness

5. A book with a "building" in its title. Examples might include: Uncle Tom's Cabin, Little House on the Prairie, The Looming Tower

6. A book with a "medical condition" in its title. Examples might include: Insomnia, Coma, The Plague*

You may overlap books with other challenges, but please don't use the same book for more than one category in THIS CHALLENGE!

*You don't need to decide exactly which books you will be reading ahead of time, though you're certainly welcome to. To join enter here

I have not decided which ones I want to read for this challenge sp, as I read the books. I will list them.

Hear my Cry for Justice

I am happy to host a new author to me...Jason Pratt. He is the author of Cry of Justice.

Cry of Justice is the story of a fictional world called Mikon. Right away from the beginning the story picks up instantly after a horrible international war that has left thousands of refugees fleeing from the Coastal States. They make their way into the vast dangerous wilderness of the Middlelands.

A small group of the survivors are lead be Commander Portunista. She is an innovative thinker and a maga. She dreams of seeking imperial glory for herself. Then there is Seifas, a hunter who’s best weapon is his poetry. Also thrown into the mix is Gaekwar, Othon, Dagon, Pooralay, and Bornas.

Portunista will try and lead them across the Middlelands safely, while trying to get to know her charges better. Though all of these people are different, there is one thing they have in common… that is the need to hunt for food, the increasing hunger to understand their new wealth of knowledge and mayhap the most important of all… the will to live.

Cry of Justice is the first book in this trilogy by author, Jason Pratt. While I found the premise for this book to be very intriguing, I found I had a hard time getting into it. It started out very chaotic. Right away there were all these different characters for me to identify very quickly. Even though there was a brief description of each of the main characters in the book, it did not really help me to understand what was happening. The storyline started with poetry then jumped to someone talking and finally the story seemed to start to reveal itself for me.

The story is really toward through journal entries made by each character, which I thought was a nice way to tell the story as it helped me get more personal with everyone. Except on the other hand I had an issue with the small print that was done for the journal entries. It was much smaller print than when the story was moving along. I am sure this was to help separate the storyline from the entries but it made it a little hard to read.

For anyone who enjoys a good fantasy, this is the book for you. What Mr. Pratt did reveal to me with Cry of Justice is that he is a good storyteller. I would try another one of his books down the road.

I would like to thank Tracee for letting me host Mr. Pratt

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Run for your Life

A sadistic killer is on the loose in New York City. He calls himself the “Teacher”. He is going around punishing everyone from the girl talking on her phone to the top elite of New York. The teacher reminds everyone to remember your manner or suffer the consequences.

Detective Michael Bennett a trained hostage negotiator is promoted to the lead investigator on this case. He is instructed to solve these murders quickly. Detective Bennett’s training kicks in and he is off in full force. At first it seems there is no connection to the shooting victims and that they were random shootings. But after some further digging and receiving communication by the teacher himself, Bennett uncovers the teacher’s motive behind the killings. Bennett will have to make a choice, which is more important…, his family or his career.

I have resigned myself that I will only listen to Mr. Patterson’s books. I have tried reading them and found they put me to sleep right away. With audio books, I am able to experience the story the way it is suppose to be experienced. Having said that, I was excited to listen to this latest book, Run for your Life. It is the type of books I love to read. I have to say I was somewhat disappointed. If it wasn’t for the talented voices overs of reading duel Bobby Cannavale and Dallas Roberts, I probably would have stopped listening a long time ago instead of finishing the book. They brought Detective Bennett and the Teacher to life. The teacher seemed so much more sinister when there was a voice attached to him.

Purchase the book here

Monday, February 9, 2009

They are the Angels of Mercy

Watch out Pittsburgh’s Angel of Mercy Medical Center, there is a new doctor in town. Her name is Lydia Fiore. She is the new ER physician. Lydia is greeted by Nora, the ER charge nurse, Gina, who is tall and sharp tongue, and who has a major chip on her shoulder and her roommate Amanda, the quiet blond southern belle.

Even before her first rotation is over, Lydia causes a big stir. Her first emergency room patient is a teenage boy. Lydia is told that the boy was hit by a car but there are barely any scratches on him. The only problem that seems to be wrong with him that is he isn’t breathing. Lydia tries everything she can to revive him but he dies. Later Lydia learns that the boy is Jonah Weiss, the son of surgeon Dr. Weiss.

Losing a patient is hard but it is especially hard when it is a fellow doctor’s child. Dr Weiss wants Lydia gone forever and he intends to make sure that happens. Lydia decides to investigate what went wrong and why Jonah died. What Lydia gets for her snooping is a whole lot of trouble.

I enjoyed each and every one of the characters in this story from Lydia to Gina. I kept hearing good things about CJ Lyons. I wanted to read Lifelines when I first started hearing these comments but just didn’t have the chance till now. Let me tell you, the next time you hear good things being spoken about a book, you better run out and pick yourself up a copy as soon as possible. I can’t believe I didn’t take my own advice. You know those books that you can’t stop recommending to your friends, well Lifelines is one of those books. CJ Lyons has just became my new favorite author. I plan to keep reading this series for a long time.

Purchase the book here

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Celebrating African- American History Giveaway

I am hosting another great contest courtesy of Hachette. There will also be 5 lucky winners to win a prize package of the below listed books!

1. The American Journey of Barack Obama By The Editors of Life Magazine ISBN: 0316045608
2. Fledgling By Octavia Butler ISBN: 0446696161
3. Stand the Storm By Breena Clarke ISBN: 0316007056
4. Red River By Lalita Tademy ISBN: 0446696994
5. Keep the Faith: A Memoir By Faith Evans ISBN: 0446199508
6. Say You're One of ThemBy Uwem Akpan ISBN: 0316113786
7. The Shack By William Young ISBN: 0964729237
8. The Bishop's Daughter By Tiffany Warren ISBN: 0446195146

Open to US and Canada only. No PO Boxes.

Leave a comment with your email address (1 entry)

Who is your favorite African-American author (2 entries)

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Become a follower of my blog (4 entries) If you are already a follower just leave me a comment saying so

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Contest will end March 27th

With Love from Hachette Book Group Giveaway

Valentine's Day is fastly approaching. You might still be wondering what to get your loved one. Well courtesy of Hachette your problem is solved.

Five lucky winners will receive a book package filled with the following books. Yes, you heard me right...You will receive one copy of each book!

1. Love in 90 Days By Diana Kirschner ISBN: 1599951223

2. Sundays at Tiffany's By James Patterson , Gabrielle Charbonnet ISBN: 0446199443

3. Free Yourself to Love By Jackie Kendall ISBN: 0446580899

4. The Italian Lover By Robert Hellenga ISBN: 031611765X

5. Looking for Mrs. Friedman and Other Really Bad Ideas Steve Friedman ISBN: 1559708883

6. Getting Naked Again By Judith Sills ISBN: 0446582492

7. We Take This Man By Candice Dow , Daaimah Poole ISBN: 0446501832

8. Things I've Learned From Women Who've Dumped Me By Ben Karlin ISBN: 0446699462

9. Sexcapades By HoneyB ISBN: 0446582298

10. Love and Other Natural Disasters By Holly Shumas ISBN: 0446504777

11. Send Yourself Roses By Kathleen Turner ISBN: 0446699950

Open to US and Canada only. No PO Boxes.

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Contest will end March 13th

Talking with author, Diana Spechler

I am excited to bring to you another new author to me. Her name is Diana Spechler. Her book Who by Fire is available now.

How do you like to start off your morning?

Bikram yoga. Iced coffee. Writing.

I read that also do manuscript consultations. Have you gotten any inspiration from reading other peoples manuscripts?

I don't know about inspiration, but I have definitely become engrossed in other people's unpublished manuscripts. I like doing consultations. It's fun to talk with other writers about writing.

Do you prefer peace and quiet when you are writing or do you listen to music?

I don't play music. It's too distracting, especially if it's music with lyrics. I live in New York City and I love city sounds (traffic, people talking on the street below, sirens, etc.), but I can't stand it when I can hear my neighbor's television or radio through the wall! I can hear it right now. It's making me nuts.

Can you please describe Who by Fire?

Who By Fire is a family story set in Israel during the Intifadah that explores what happens when we try to rescue the people we love. If you'd like, you can read all about it on my website: .

Did you ever expect the buzz you have received from your book to be this big already?

I'm thrilled with how things have gone. Before the book came out, I had nightmares about getting bad reviews, but the reviewers have been kind to me. Honestly, I didn't know what to expect. I'm very grateful.

If Who by Fire was to be made into a movie, who would play the parts of Bits and Ash?

Great question! I have no idea! If I got to cast the movie, maybe I'd hook up a couple of my struggling actor friends.

Where were you when you first heard the wonderful news that your book was going to be published?

At the gym. My agent had emailed me early that morning to tell me that she thought we were going to get an offer that day. I was so anxious, I couldn't imagine doing anything except maybe going to a bar to get as drunk as possible (which I couldn't do because I had to work that evening), so I went to a kick-boxing class. I propped my cell phone up against the wall. It started ringing while I was fighting an imaginary villain. I ran outside and my agent read me the offer. I jumped up and down outside New York Sports Club, crying and screaming, "Oh. My. GOD!"

What has been the greatest thing so far about the release of your book?

I've gotten some fan mail from Ba'alei Tshuvas, guys like the protagonist (Ash) from Who By Fire, who became Orthodox Jews as adults. They say things like, "You nailed it! You get me!" I can't imagine anything more gratifying.

Can you please share any words to live by.

Me? Give advice? Okay. Figure out what the obstacle is that's standing in your way. If it's something you can remove without seriously harming another person, do whatever it takes to remove it. Also, be careful about judging people.

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hollywood Crows

Within the LAPD division are a group of men and women known as the Hollywood Crows. They are different then your regular LAPD. Yes, they respond to the calls but they usually charged with dealing with all the desperate, unusal, and just plain wacko Hollywood.

One of the crows is Hollywood Nate Weiss. Nate is a stand up good guy as well as good-looking. During one of his routine stops, he meets a gorgeous woman by the name of Margot Aziz. Margot invites Nate over for dinner and some drinks. What Nate doesn’t know is that Margot is not an innocent woman. She is going through a nasty divorce. Her soon to be ex-husband is notorious nightclub owner, Ali Aziz. Ali dispises Margot, especially since she has custody of their son, Nicky. Before Nate knows it, he finds himself a pawn in a deadly game of revenge.

I loved every minute of this book.All of the Crows were great. I enjoyed everyone of them from Nate to the surfer cops. I couldn't stop laughing. I once read another one of Joseph Wambaugh’s books and it was good but not as great as Hollywood Crows. In fact I had a hard time sticking with the book. The difference between this time and last time is that I listened to the audio version of Hollywood Crows and I read the other book. I realize that for the future that I will now only listen to Mr. Wambaugh’s books. The reading was done by Christian Rummel, who just makes this book come alive. I look forward to Mr. Wambaugh’s next release.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Do you hear Voices?

Voices Under Berlin: The Tale of a Monterey Mary takes place during the Cold War back in the 50’s. At that time not only was there a war going on but there was also another operation in effect. It involved a tunnel operation manned by the CIA. This operation was known as the Berlin Tunnel operation. While the Berlin Tunnel operation was not the first, it was the most famous of the many tunnel operations.

The whole story centers on the men in the tunnels but in particularly three men. There names are Kevin, a Russian transcriber, Blackie, the blackmarketeer and Lieutenant Sheerluck, the martinet. The tunnels were used so that cable-taps could be used to listen to the Soviets. As you could imagine, sitting in the tunnels all day with not much to you, you quickly find ways to entertain yourself. That is exactly what these men did. Have you ever listened to phone conversations between Soviets? It can be very amusing.

I enjoyed all the illustrations depicted throughout this book. It helped to make a great imagine in my head. Mr. Hill really knows his facts. Voices Under Berlin: The Tale of a Monterey Mary is as close as you get to the real deal without being there at that exact moment. While I did find myself starting to skim over some of the reading, I would find myself drawn back in. I especially liked reading the phone conversations. They gave me a good laugh or two. Voices Under Berlin: The Tale of a Monterey Mary turned out to be a good spy novel.

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