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Pharmaceutical executive Clyde Young never in a million years imagined that the plan he was flying on would be high jacked or that he would be thrown from it. Well that is exactly what happened. Clyde was not going to sit down idly to wait and see what would transpire. Before he could process what was going on, a parachute was strapped to hi body and he was thrown out of the plane like a bowling ball.

Clyde somehow survives the drop. Clyde’s survival instincts kick in. Clyde is able to live off the land and walk out of the wilderness alive. When Clyde tells his story to the authorities, they do not believe him. In fact they suspect him of being one of the terrorists. The police inform Clyde that he was found about a hundred miles southwest of where the plane was last seen. The police also say that Clyde died and his body was discovered under a rock at the scene.

Clyde has no other options then to take matters into his own hands. Along the way he meets some interesting people like a sociopath, a prostitute, an alcoholic doctor and a skilled pick pocket. You might say well that is an odd group but it just so happens that these people are the only ones that believe Clyde’s story and want to help him. Clyde learns that his company Galano has produced a very deadly drug that has some serious side effects. They will stop at nothing to keep their secrets hidden, even if it means shutting Clyde up permanently.

Clyde surprised me. For some reason I was expecting a weak man but instead a got a warrior, who took on a pharmaceutical giant practically on his own. Those I did have some problems with the book. One I read whole book but I had a hard time getting any of it to really stick in my mind. Two the storyline moved a little fast. It jumped from one place to the next and all the while I felt like I was two steps behind. What I really did like though was the wilderness scenes. You could feel Clyde’s need to survive and could not fault him for anything he did. Overall I did think The Broken Parachute Man by Dr. Robert Bolin was an ok book.

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Linda Jacobs said…
It does sound like an interesting concept! If I see it at the library, I'll give it a try.

Happy reading!
Literary Feline said…
As Linda said, the premise of the novel does sound interesting. I'm sorry it turned out to be just an okay read. It certainly sounds like there was a lot going on.
naida said…
I'm reading this now, great review!
the wilderness scenes were interesting.

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