Sleeping with the Undead

Sleeping with the Undead: Tales of Vampire Seduction is an anthology filled with short stories by a collaboration of ten authors.

I have to admit that I didn’t care for anthologies at first. A big reason was because the stories were too short. You would just start really getting into the story and then it would end. One thing I like about anthologies is that they allow me to try out new authors. When I picked up this one, I thought I would enjoy it. The stories consisted of two factors…vampires and sex. Ok so I don’t really need to have sex in my books but sometimes it doesn’t hurt.

I am sad to report that I didn’t care for this anthology. There were a few stories I liked but most I didn’t like. There didn’t have much substance to them. One of my favorite stories through was by an author I enjoy and that is Cornelia Amiri. I pretty much figured I would like her story, even before I got to it. For anyone who has not read any of Ms. Amiri’s novels; she writes Celtic stories. She is known as the Celtic Romance Queen. Her druids are pretty great. It was nice to see that Ms. Amiri was able to incorporate some of what she is famous for into her vampire story.


Anonymous said…
Mercy! What a scary cover!
naida said…
creepy cover!
sorry you didnt like this one.

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