Secrets Unveiled

Nick Miller's world is messed up enough. He operates day in and day out without any really purposes in his life. Nick does understand that he needs to straighten up soon. He can't keep making the same mistakes over and over Keisha, the busty woman that he keeps letting back into his bed. Women like Keisha are bad for a guy's health. She has been with every guy with a pulse.

As much as Nick hates his life, he hates it more when anyone tries to interfere in it, especially anyone like the Harris family. The Harris family is one of the most feared crime families around. They know only one thing...blood. They can smell fear. In fact they prey on the weak. This time it's personal. When crime boss's daughter, Natasha Harris "Cleopatra" is found dead, the family goes on a warpath to paint the town red...blood red. Now it is every man for himself.

The beginning of this story really drew me in. Towards the middle it started to fizzle a little and by the end, I was left undecided on my thoughts about the book. It took me a couple of days to gather my thoughts to write a review on this book. The reason for this is because I liked the plot, deceitfulness of the characters and the pace of the story but my problem was with Nick. I was put off by Nick's lazy attitude. Also when Nick would flash back to the past, it wasn't as smooth as I would have liked. When Nick would go back in the past it seemed like a weird acid trip that I was lost in. This story was fine as it was as long as it stayed in the present and not in the past.

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Mishel said…
The book sounds interesting. I was a little confused about the blurb though. Does he get sucked into the mob life by the Harris family? Or is he just in the path of the family's mission to find out who killed Cleopatra?
J. Kaye said…
Oh wow, this does sound like a good one.
Cheryl said…
Mishel - Nick was sucked into the Harris family from a young age. From what I read actually Nick almost seemed like the more sane one
naida said…
it sounds interesting, even with the flashbacks. I usually dont like it when books flashback too much though.
great review.

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