Hear the cat's meow in Rogue

Kyra Aramis has answered an ad for a piano teacher. She is excited as this will be her first time traveling to another planet other than Earth. Kyra will be going to the planet of Darconia. All Kyra knows about this planet is that it is dry like a desert and the people living there are reptilian.

Once Kyra arrives and gets her first good look at Darconia she is shocked. The people there are clothed in barely anything at all. Before Kyra can get herself composed, she is whisked away to the dining hall where she meets Queen Scalia and her daughter Princess Zealon, whom Kyra will be teaching piano to. As if there couldn’t be any more surprises Kyra thinks, Queen Scalia shows Kyra her prized collection of exotic cats. Their names are Trag and Tychar. They are brothers and 100% male in every part of the way.

The queen presents Kyra with Tychar to keep her company during her stay on Darconia. Instantly Kyra becomes aroused by Tychar and the feelings are mutual. But how will Kyra feel when Trag comes into the picture. Can anyone say three-some?

Rogue is book three in the Cat Star Chronicles series by Cheryl Brooks. This series is about a bunch of hot, sexy males who have cat like features. They have been separated and each book is about a different guy or guy’s story. The best part about this series is that you can read the books in any order. Of course having the male leads as out of this world hunks, who know how to pleasure a woman is not a bad thing either. I instantly fell in love with Cheryl when I read Warrior the second book in this series. I am so surprised that I have not heard more about this author. She is a talented author, who deserves to be praised. I know that from now on I plan to read every single book that Cheryl Brooks writes and I plan to tell all my friends about her.

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