The Queen of Sleepy Eye

It was the summer of 1975.

Maria Amelia Casimiro Monterio “Amy” for short and her mother Francie, a former beauty queen of Sleepy Eye, Minnesota decide to take a road trip. Amy thought they were heading to sunny Santa Barbara, California. Boy was she ever in for a surprise.

With not much luggage or a care in the world. Amy and her mother head for the open road in a 1958 Pontiac Bonneville Sport Coupe Jubilee in mint condition. The car looked like it had just come off the assembly line it was in that great a shape. With the wind in their hair, Amy and Francie said good-bye to Sleepy Eye for the last time.

Suddenly the transmission blows. With no money to repair the car. Amy and her mother settle down in the town of Cordial, Colorado. Amy can’t help but suspect of her mom of planning this all along. What would all of a sudden the transmission go on a vehicle that is in perfect condition? Amy doesn’t have much time to ponder that as she will be busy getting really familiar… literally with the residents of Cordial. Francie finds a place for them to stay, which just happens to be a mortician house. The question now is what secret is Francie hiding and will Amy be able to handle the truth?

The Queen of Sleepy Eye is the first book I have read by Mrs. Hill. I thought this novel was good. The storyline as well as the characters had this fun upbeat, I want to get to know you better attitude. What I liked is that both Amy and Francie grew up that summer and discovered their heart’s desires. It was harder for Francie to grow up then it was Amy. I mean can you imagine that after all these years; Francie still has her tiara and sash. She tells everyone she knows that she was the former queen of Sleepy Eye. I am so pleased to have discovered a new Christian author. Some of my favorite authors are Christian writers likes Janette Oke, Beverly Lewis, and Dorothy Garlock to name a few. I am proud to add Patti Hill to this list of famous authors. I plan to check out Mrs. Hill’s other novels.

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Dar said…
This sounds really good Cheryl. I really enjoy Christian fiction once in a while. My favorite Christian author is Francine Rivers.
naida said…
this does sound good, and another great book cover!

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