Come my love and have a taste of my Poisoned Love

Poisoned Love is a true story. It is written by Dr. Melanie Cane.

Dr. Cane grew up with abusive father, who was bipolar. All Melanie wanted was to be loved and cared for. She found that with her new boyfriend, Luke. I guess you could say Dr. Melanie Cane’s problem was that she loved too much. They both shared a love of medicine and each other. They were both studying to become psychologists. Everything was going well with her and Luke. She could even picture herself getting married and having children. Luke decided that he did not want to be with Melanie as well as live with her anymore. He slowly broke it off with her. For Melanie this wasn’t good enough. She deeply cared for Luke.

Melanie researched a drug called Prolixin. It can be given in liquid form. This drug is given to the mentally challenged. It has serious side-effects. Dr. Cane understood and that is why she planned to give Luke only a small dose to just cause him minor pain for a little while. Melanie finally ends up confessing to Luke that she poisoned him. Her confession leads to her being committed in a psychiatric hospital for seven weeks. She would later be charged with attempted murder.

In Poisoned Love, the reader is taken through the progression of Dr. Cane’s illness and how it affected her. What she did to her ex-boyfriend was wrong but on the other hand you have to feel a little sorrow for Melanie. Luckily this sorrow doesn’t last as in the last part of the book, we see that Dr. Melanie Cane is doing well and living a normal life. She has learned how to combat her illness and through this book and many other articles, she hopes to help other people become survivors just like herself.

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Mishel said…
Wow, this sounds intense. Definitely something I wanna check out. Great review!
PeachyTO said…
Thanks for the info! I will have to add this to my TBR list.
J. Kaye said…
This sounds like an awesome book, but there is no way I'd read it. My father was bipolar, and sadly I am too. This would hit too close to home.

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