Hats and Eyeglasses

I want to thank Theresa, Ms. Frankel's publicist for sending me a copy of this book to review.

Hats and Eyeglasses is a memoir by Martha Frankel. Ms. Frankel shares her story about growing up with a family of obsessed gamblers. They played everything from her mother’s favorite mah-jongg to her father’s love of poker. Already at the young age of four, Martha was familiar with pretty much any game you could think of where gambling was involved. Her parents would throw big parties. Everyone would come over to eat and play games. To Martha the feel of the cards or the sound of poker chips hitting the table top was normal for her.

Have you ever heard the saying “All I got is Hats and Eyeglasses”? Well don’t worry, neither have I till now. Well one of the men that Martha’s father would play cards with Broadway explained that it means…”It’s what happens when a ship goes down and sinks, what floats to the top is hats and eyeglasses”. In other words it means you don’t have a prayer, you are that bad off. So remember this saying the next time you are playing cards with friends.

As Martha grew up she didn’t play much with cards. It wasn’t till she was conducting some research for a screenplay she was writing with a friend that she got bit by the gambling bug hard. Some friends of Martha’s, Ken and Barbie invited Martha to go with them on a cruise ship. They were dealers. Martha soon was up all hours of the day and into the night playing poker. Martha’s habit got worse when she discovered online poker. That was many years ago and Martha has since then learned to play in moderation.

I didn’t realize you could enjoy reading someone’s memoir so much till I read Hats and Eyeglasses. What a fun, light read. Martha is so down to earth. She invites you into her life with open arms and a warm heart. No wonder so many celebrities like hanging out with Ms. Frankel. I would be glad to call her my friend too. In a rapidly growing sea of memoirs, Hats and Eyeglasses is a must read. You will not be sorry you picked up this book. In fact you will be doing yourself a favor by reading this novel. I am recommending Hats and Eyeglasses to all my friends.

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naida said…
what a cute bookcover.
and it sounds like a fun read.
This sounds like one I would really enjoy. Thanks for the review.

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