The Medicine People

I want to thank Mike Simpson with Second Wind Publishing for sending me this book to review.

Ben Whitekiller has returned. He is like the prodigal son. Only for Ben this reunion won't be filled with smiling faces. Twenty five years ago, Ben was accused of murdering his wife and killing two police officers.

Ben barely steps out of the car when he is met at gun point by Office Ace Adams. Officer Adams was one of the officers that fatal night that Ben supposedly went crazy and started shooting. There is no love lost between Ben and Adams. Office Daniel Hook, the newest policeman to join the force, suspects something isn't right with the events of that night, twenty five years ago. He believes Ben is innocent. As Officer Hook digs into uncovering the truth, he discovers a connection between himself and Ben that could change everything Daniel knows.

Daniel is a very nice, caring, and kind hearted man. I instantly liked him as well as Ben Whitekiller. Officer Ace Adams did a good job of playing the villain. I distrusted him. I liked this story but wished that I enjoyed it. The reason I can't say I really enjoyed this book is because while I found the characters interesting, the storyline seemed too simple. It was like you were being told what was going to happen next as Daniel Hook was the narrator. There were a few twists but they came late in the plot. The Medicine People is the first novel I have read by Lazarus Barnhill. Though I only liked this book, I would try another one of Mr. Barnhill's novels again.

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