A Horse's Love

Straight from the horse’s heart: A spiritual ride through love, loss, and hope is the true story about R.T. Fitch, his wife Terry, and their love of animals, which include Ethan, Harley, Apache, Bart, Pele, and their dog, Niki.

While living in Brazil, a friend of Terry’s thought she should get a horse. It was there that they acquired Apache. After moving back to the states, the Fitch’s and Apache made their home in Texas. They later acquired Ethan, the leader and speaker of the group, Harley, sidekick and buddy to Ethan, Bart and Pele. Pele was the youngest of the group. The first time that Mr. Fitch heard Ethan speak to him, he couldn’t believe his ears. After that it was a normal thing to have conversations with Ethan and Harley. It was from Ethan and the rest of the horses that Mr. Fitch was able to find the courage to take a stand. He petitioned to stop horses from being shipped to slaughter houses.

I fell in love with everyone from R.T to Pele. It was like I was part of the family. You can’t help but experience a connection to these great animals when you read this book. The illustrations in this book were like pieces of art. They were breathtaking. The relationship that Mr. Fitch had with his horses is amazing. It just goes to show you that if we all took a moment to slow down and listen, we just might be surprised as what we hear. Mr. Fitch sits as an active member and voice as part of the board of directors for Habitat for Horses. Straight from the horse’s heart: A spiritual ride through love, loss, and will tear at your heart strings and make you want to stand up and shout “Save the Horses”.

Check out the Habitat for Horses website. Sale portions of this book go to this organization to help save horses.


Mishel said…
I think horses are so beautiful! This book sounds wonderful (=
R.T. Fitch said…

As the author, I can tell you that you are welcome to our farm, anytime. What a very kind and insightful review. The horses thank you.

Seriously, if you are ever in our neck of the woods feel free to stop by and meet the boys and maybe we will take you down to the Habitat for Horses ranch where you can see dozens of eager equine kids waiting for to be adopted into their forever homes.

May the Force of the Horse be with You!


R.T. Fitch
Author - "Straight from the Horse's Heart"
The Force of the Horse®, LLC
Cheryl said…
Mishel- I agree. Horses are one of my favorite animals.

Mr. Fitch- Thank you so much for the invite. Glad you like my review. yes, If I am ever in your area I will stop by
naida said…
very unique!
and how sweet of the author to leave a comment.


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