Exit Music

Scottish Detective Inspector John Rebus is preparing for his retirement. Unfortunately though he will have to put all thoughts of it aside for now. A Russian poet is found beaten to death. The only witness to his murder has been burned to death. Rebus is joined on the case with Detective Siobhan Clarke. As Rebus starts doing some digging, he becomes suspicious of some Russian businessmen, who are in town looking to do some realty investing in Edinburgh. Rebus is trying to figure out what the connection is with these men and the dead poet.

It appears the killer is moving fast. Another victim has been found. This time it is the body of a local gangster, who Rebus used to have a beef with. Edinburgh’s mayor and politicians want Rebus to close out this case quickly and quietly. Having a stack of dead bodies in your own backyard is bad for business. All of Rebus’s poking around has caused some peoples attitude to turn sour. Will Rebus’s last case be a cold case or can he solve the murder and go out with a bang?

Exit Music is the last story to feature Detective Inspector John Rebus. Having never read any of the other books, I can happily say that you do not have to read of the prior novels. Exit Music can be read or listened to in audio format as a stand alone novel. What I liked about Detective Inspector John Rebus was his gung-ho attitude. It didn’t matter how difficult the situation may seem. He was willing to jump in feet first. What I didn’t like about this book was that aside from Rebus everyone else seemed uninteresting to me. Even with the help of James MacPherson doing the voice-overs, I still found it hard to pay attention to the story.

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Lynda said…
I love Ian Rankin, although I'm not sure I could listen to an audio book of his novels.

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