The Sunday Salon

I want to share with you all a great new horror book I recently discovered.

Everything changed for Carl and his grandfather, Thaddeus; the day “Rita” came into their lives. Carl is the owner of Lenoir Auto Body. He came to the rescue of a horrific car accident. Before the police arrived on the scene and the driver of the vehicle died, he handed Carl an envelope containing a small black box that held a golden car key. Carl gave his grandfather the keys to an old ‘57 Chevy truck. The same truck that only a few days ago would could have been considered unsalvageable but now looking at the truck, you would never know it had been in any accident. Thaddeus takes “Rita” for a ride. After that, nothing is the same. Thaddeus ends up going for the ride of his life.

OK, so I have not read many horror stories though I love to watch horror movies. As I was reading The Ride, all I could think about was the movie Christine, adapted from a Stephen King novel. Also, I could help feel some elements of Dean Koontz mixed in as well. A book that infuses both classic Stephen King and Dean Koontz into the storyline has got to be a good one. I am happy to report that The Ride is that good. The story started out at a fast pace and kept picking up speed, all the way to the last sentence. Tom Brandner is a first time author for me but after reading this book, I now want to check out his first novel, The Rain.

Check out Mr. Brandner's website at


Linda Jacobs said…
I love the early King and just about all of Koontz so will definitely have to check this author out! Thanks!
naida said…
wow, you've got my attention, this sounds great!
Becky LeJeune said…
So glad this one is good. It was waiting for me when I got back from our trip. Can't wait to read it.

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