Forever My Lady

Dio Rodriguez knows no other way of life then to strike first and strike hard. Maybe that’s why he now finds himself serving time at a prison camp. One of Dio’s bad decisions almost cost him the life of his girlfriend, Jennifer. As Dio waits out his time till his release, the rest of the world is passing him by. Dio believes that no matter how much time or how far, Jennifer and he may be separated, they will always be soul mates or will they? Will Dio come out a changed man or end up the same old Dio. Can or does Jennifer even want Dio back? All these questions will be answered in Forever My Lady.

Forever My Lady is Jeff Rivera’s debut novel. Author, Jeff Rivera, brought lots of raw emotions, depth to both the characters and storyline, and a no holds bar attitude. Because of all these elements that worked so well together is why I loved reading Forever My Lady. I really got into the plot as well as feeling like I was experiencing everything Dio went through, right along with him; all the way to the very end. Be prepared to clear yourself some time, because as soon as you start reading Forever My Lady, you will have a hard time wanting to put it down. So find a nice, quiet place to sit down; feed the animals and send the rest of the family away as you are going to love this book. I anxiously await Mr. Rivera’s next novel.


Linda Jacobs said…
I like the premise of this book!

A really interesting and well-written review!
naida said…
this does sound like a good one, great review!

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