Simple Wishes

Adele Martin has not been back to her hometown for many years. That changes one day when Adele learns that she has inherited a cottage from her mother located in small, rural Pennsylvania. When Adele arrives, the first thing she notices is the peace and quiet from the big city of New York. As Adele tries adjusting to her new life; she meets her new neighbor. Jay Westvelt is a bit of a mountain man but he is not your ordinary scruffy man. He is a very talented artist as well as good looking. Now after meeting Jay, Adele is re-thinking her decision to move back to New York so soon. The mountains do have some great things to offer.

For someone who has lived in New York, Adele seemed like she either lived a sheltered life or was too busy to stop and enjoy the things and smells around her. It was fun getting to experience things like shopping, watching the sunset, etc through Adele’s eyes. Jay is the type of guy you want to snuggle with during a cold winter’s night. I enjoyed the nice, quiet atmosphere of the woods as the location for this story. Simple Wishes makes me wish I was somewhere, where it seemed like time stood still and all I had there was is me and my husband, sitting by a fire keeping each other warm. Lisa Dale did a good job with this book.


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