I Hunger for Demons

Forensic anthropologist Vivien Cairn has been feeling weird lately. She wakes up having missed hours of time. Dain Hawkins is a sorcerer. He is part of a brotherhood, sworn to protect the space between humans and demons. Dain saves Vivien from a demon attack. For Vivien being rescued is just the start of how quickly things go from bad to worse for her. She gets propelled into Dain’s world filled with demons, sorcerers, succubus and other creatures. Dain has never seen anyone so beautiful as Vivien or felt such a strong attraction. But before Dain can make a move, he will have to stop a killer.

There is a succubus killing people. It has no mercy. It only knows one thing…that is thirst. The closer Dain gets to putting a stop to the succubus, the closer he puts Vivien in harms way. Dain may have to make a decision to which is more important to him…stopping a succubus or protecting Vivien.

Demon’s Hunger is the second book in The Compact of Sorcerers series by Eve Silver. I found myself memorized by this book. I came close to almost forgoing sleep to finish reading Demon’s Hunger, it was that good. The attraction between Vivien and Dain was hot. This is because they lusted for each other and they never hooked up till close to the end of the book. I have read many paranormal novels but very few of them were about demons. Eve Silver did such wonderful job with Demon’s Hunger that I find myself lusting for more. I have already made sure to pick up a copy of Demon’s Kiss as soon as possible. Now that I have discovered Eve Silver, I will be all the rest of the books to follow in this series.


Becky LeJeune said…
I am definitely going to have to check these out. Eve Silver also writes as Eve Kenin and I've read the first of her futuristics, Driven. I really liked it and even passed it along to my sisters when I was done (it's one of the SHOMI books from Dorchester).
naida said…
This does sound very good, great review.

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