The Sunday Salon

Everybody’s favorite witch, Jasmine Tremaine and her vampire and cop lover, Nikolai Gregorovich are back again in Linda Wisdom’s Hex Appeal.

Jasmine and Nick’s have started having some speed bumps in their relationship, which in turn is causing them to fight. Everyone has had nightmares once or twice in their life even witches but nightmares that fight back, now that is a new one. Someone has poisoned Jasmine’s dreams. It’s now getting harder to tell where the nightmares end and reality begins. Jasmine and Nick will do everything they can to get to the bottom of who is behind all this mayhem and why. They will have to move quick as time is not on their side.

Jasmine is not your run of the mill witch. She is a fashionista, sassy, and in charge. Ok so I am not a big shoe person but Jasmine has got two of the best kinds of shoes around that even I wish I owned a pair of each. The first are a pair of killer bunny slippers. These slippers should come with a warning “Beware of Fangs”. Fluff and Puff are bunnies with an attitude and if you don’t watch out they just might bite you. Then there is Croc and Delilah, Jasmine’s high heels. They love to flirt and will always make sure you are color coordinated. Just when I would start to feel bad for Nick having to deal with Jasmine, he would do or say something that made me know, these two were made for each other. So if you are looking for something new to read than try 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover and Hex Appeal.


Linda Jacobs said…
Sounds like a fun book! I'm not a shoe person, either, but I could fall in love with these!
naida said…
I've heard good things about this one, thats such a cute cover :)

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