Ransom My Heart

I won this book from HarperCollins First Look program. This is the first time I have won anything from them since I joined. Yay me.

Mellana, Fiona’s sister has spent her whole dowry on trinkets. So now it’s up to Fiona to come up with lots of money quick. Fiona comes up with the perfect plan. She kidnaps a knight by the name of Sir Hugo Fitzstephen. Hugo is now Fiona’s prisoner and the only way he will be free is if he pays the ransom. Fiona successfully kidnapped Hugo but unfortunately she has a problem on her hands. Hugo feels an instant attraction to Fiona and enjoys being her prisoner. He knows Fiona feels the same way about him. Hugo will get her to admit it one way or another.

Ransom My Heart is the last book in author, Meg Cabot’s famous Princess Diaries series. This book is Fiona and Hugo’s story. Hugo and Fiona will win your hearts over with their story. Fiona may look like a lady but she is just as good with a sword as any man. Hugo is a dashing knight with a killer smile. When you think of a knight in shining armor, you need only imagine Hugo. If you are looking for the next best historical romance novel than look no farther then Ransom My Heart. This book features some wonderful characters, love, adventure, and even some comedy. I look forward to Meg Cabot’s next release. I am sure it will be good.


The Bookworm said…
This sounds like a good one, great review. I've heard good things about Meg Cabot.

Yay for getting this book. I really want to read this...I think it sounds pretty good and it's so fun that Meg wrote this "with" Mia.

BookChic said…
I know this is an old review, but just wanted to mention that this is not part of the PD series. It's a completely separate book that's just written by the main character of the PD books.

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