For the Love of Pete

I want to wish everyone a Happy Holidays. I hope you are all staying warm. Hopefully you received lots of books.

I have a book I think you will like, it is called For the Love of Pete and it comes out Jan 09.

Sensational, best-selling author, Elizabeth Hoyt does it again. This time as Julia Harper. She brings readers a new romantic, comedy full of adventure and lots of wacky mayhem in For the Love of Pete.

Someone has kidnapped Zoey Addler’s niece, Pete. Zoey will do anything to get her niece back, even if that means putting up with Special Agent Dante Torelli of the FBI. Dante has never had problems with the ladies. He has just never had one jump into the passenger sit of his car and demand he chase after a kidnapper. The next few days will be the craziest ones of Dante and Zoey’s lives. What with being chased by the mob, dealing with a couple of obsessed spice loving ladies and all the while trying to keep from being killed.

If For the Love of Pete is any indication of what readers can look forward to from Julia Harper in 2009 then they are in for a treat. This was one of the best books I have read in a long time. The characters as well as the story line had me laughing the whole way throughout the book. Zoey is one of those people who can’t sit still for very long, where as Dante likes his peace and quiet. They are like Starkey and Hutch. Zoey and Dante are perfect together. Then there was Mrs. Savita Gupta and Mrs. Pratima Gupta, sister in laws and restaurateurs. They only had one thing on there minds and that was to retrieve their special Grade 1A Very, Very Fine Mongra otherwise known as Saffron from the bad guy. Now I can enjoy the best of both worlds with Elizabeth Hoyt as Julia Harper.


The Bookworm said…
Merry Christmas :)
this sounds like a good book!
Anonymous said…
I wanted to stop in and wish you along with your family a Merry Christmas! :)

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