Dark Highland Fire

Gabriel MacInnes is a werewolf. He has always been duty bound to protect the MacInnes wolves. Gabriel is a leader and good at what he does even if this means sacrificing waking up with a warm body in his bed. Now he must do everything he can to defend the wolves from Lucien Andrakkar, an ancient and pissed off dragon. Even if that means taking Rowan an Morgaine under his care. Rowan is a head-strong, princess. She never asked for Lucien to select her as his wife. Now she is learning just how much Lucien wants her. He will destroy anyone who stands in his way. So what happens when you pair up a werewolf and a princess to fight a dragon…you get a Dark Highland Fire.

Dark Highland Fire is a great afternoon read. There have been only a few werewolf books that I have come across that I actually enjoyed reading. I am happy to report that this book can now be added to me list as a favorite. This could not be made possible without Kendra Leigh Castle fantastic writing style. She made reading this book a breeze. Gabriel had a great sense of humor in addition to knowing how to handle himself in the bedroom. Rowan may have had a little bit of a spoiled attitude but she really only let her attitude show to annoy Gabriel. I am sorry to that I have finished reading this novel as I didn’t want it to end. I look forward to more books from Kendra Leigh Castle.


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