Surprise Yourself

Make every day a new beginning with this lively illustrated journal from the author of Me, You, Us Brimming with fun and quirky ways to learn, create and grow, this charming journal presents simple activities to make every day count. Prompts include:
Memorize a poem
Compliment a stranger
Be a tourist in your own town
Learn to say "hello" in five new languages
Write a fan letter
Avoid the news for a full day
Write a five-star review
Send an overdue apology
Filled with delightful illustrations and plenty of room to record your own progress and insights, this is a DIY happiness guide to share with a friend or use as a secret personal playbook for jump-starting each day. Flip to any page and begin!

My Review

This is a fun, interactive book. Each page is filled with different tasks to complete. They are easy to complete. Yet, a lot of them are geared towards interacting with others. Thus the reason for this book. It is to get you out of your comfort zone and work with others. This book is relevant for this time period. We have as a society are connected closely to our phones and looking down instead of up and looking out at the world and interacting with people. Thus, we have forgotten how to speak in person. This book is meant to be used over and over again. Readers will enjoy doing the tasks and may learn new facts and maybe make new friends.


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