Dinner Conversations

Author: Jason Reid
Publisher: Createspace/Reid Group
Pages: 348
Genre: Humor / Family / Parenting
“You are going to LAUGH! You are going to then wonder if these conversations actually happened. You are going to wonder what kind of guy would actually say these things to his family.”
The answer is simple—yes, these conversations did actually happen. They occurred over a period of roughly 5 years, mainly at my dinner table.  I took them verbatim and posted them on Facebook so that all my friends could get a good laugh.
I must be honest with you, some of you will are going to laugh and say things like “…that sounds like something I would say or want to say” others are going to think that I am a horrible parent.  I am ok with either thought process.
What I hope is that after laughing, scratching your head and wondering what is wrong with Jay Reid, you realize that you need to create more of your own Dinner Conversations.
Please join me @ www.Facebook.com/DinnerConversations to read more and post your own.”

My Review

This is a funny collection of short stories or conversations had between the author and his family over the course of years. The range of the author's children's ages also add to the dynamics. To read the reactions from the different ages shows that no matter what age from younger children to teenagers; there is a gap in the thought and conversation process between child and adult.

I can relate to a lot of these conversations from my childhood as well with my parents. Although, my sister could probably relate more to these conversations as she was more of the wild child. She was always trying to push the edge to see just how far she could go. Now as an adult, I can relate to these stories from the adult point of view as I communicate with my nephews.

There was a moment when the author's two boys were talking and the one says "You are no longer my brother but my sibling." Or there was the time when the family was on vacation and was introduced to the "bidet"; or other sibling moments, and parent versus child moments. There are so many funny conversations that it is hard to pick just one. This book would make a great family read.


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Meet the Author

Jason Reid
Jason Reid is an entrepreneur by trade and a dad by passion. He currently lives in Murrieta, California with his wonderful wife and amazing four children. Over the years he has written numerous business books, a novel, and children’s The Protector Bug book series.
His latest book is the humor/family/parenting book, Dinner Conversations.





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