Together with her one year old daughter Maja, single mother Sofie Lund moves into the house she inherited from her grandfather. Sofie has such painful memories that she has had every trace of the old man removed, every trace but a locked safe that has been bolted to the basement floor. Inside the safe, Sofie finds something shocking that will also become crucial evidence in a case that has plagued Inspector William Wisting for a long time. To follow this lead though, he must cut across important loyalties and undermine confidence in the police force.

My Review

I enjoyed this book. William Wisting is a good main character. In regards to his daughter and him working together, it was a little hard to gauge how well they do work together as Line was trying to help protect her friend by withholding details about the case. However, back to William. He seems like a nice guy. Plus, he is a good detective.

The story was fine and the characters were alright. What I mean by this is that I did not react or feel hyped when details of the case were revealed. Additionally, the characters were good about telling the story but they did not grab me and fully engage me. Yet, as I stated previously, I did enjoy this book.


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