In the Crosshairs

The Central Intelligence Agency is under attack, and so is its top field operative, Kyle Swanson. The highly decorated former Marine Corps gunnery sergeant is attending the funeral of a friend when a terrorist blows up the grave. A week later, he narrowly survives a grenade attack in Berlin. In Washington, Congress is being told that Swanson has been turned, his private employer is corrupt, and the Agency itself cannot be trusted. Swanson is assigned to find the root of the problem and is partnered up with Luke Gibson, a skilled operative rated as being almost as good as Swanson.

They are looking for assassin Nicky Marks, who also was a CIA shooter but now works for a shadowy power broker known as The Prince. But before Kyle and Luke can eliminate the threat, they must identify and find the man who wants them dead. That takes them from the pink poppy fields of Afghanistan to the jungles of Southeast Asia and the streets of America as they learn that the Prince is the ruthless kingpin of a global drug empire that uses CIA planes to transport opium and heroin. Swanson also lines up a secret partner, the beautiful widow of his friend whose grave was desecrated in Mexico, the sharpshooting former commando Beth Ledford, who has her own agenda of pure retribution. Kyle Swanson, at the worst possible moment in a combat showdown, must decide: Do you trust your partner, and if so, which one?

My Review

It has been a few books since I have read anything in this series. Yet, I am a fan of this series. In fact, I liked the books I read that I turned my Dad onto this series and now he is a fan as well. As a military/sniper/thriller series goes, these books are well written, have a good main character, and the storylines are believable and full of action.

Kyle does not really seem to have many flaws. He is the right man for the job. Have a new person in Luke was refreshing and a nice addition. He was right up there with Kyle. Not a lot of people can stand toe to toe with Kyle. Then you throw in assassin Nicky Marks and you have a gun fight.

Right away, Kyle was fighting to survive. There is little downtime with all of the action. Which I am a huge fan of action. There is a bit of romance between Kyle and Beth. Yet, the right amount as it never interfered with the overall story. Don't get me wrong as I like my romance but if I really wanted that I would read a romance suspense. Then there is all of the traveling to the many locations that kept things interesting. The change in locations were nice. You have to check these books out. I want to go back and check out the ones I missed, while I wait for the next book.


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