Stolen Bride is a must read book!

Sixteen year old, Naomi Knapp has been courting with Bishop Yodder’s son, Jacob. They have only been seeing each other for four months but Naomi knows that she wants to marry Jacob. Unfortunately, Naomi’s dreams come crashing down on her when Jacob tells her that he is leaving. Jacob promises that if everything goes well that he will return in two years and ask Naomi for her hand in marriage. That was three years ago.

Abram Knapp has been married to Eunice for a long time. They have four daughters. While, Abram loves his daughters, he wishes that he had sons. That is why when Eunice informs Abram that she is pregnant, he is displeased. He has given up the idea of ever having a son. In fact, he is mad at Eunice for being pregnant.

Bishop Yodder tells Abram that there is a young man who is looking for work and he thinks that it would be a good idea if Abram hired him. The first moment that Abram sees Ted Tyler, he is brought back to the past and a woman that he was in love with. Her name is Sandra. Before she walked out of Abram’s life, she told him that she was pregnant. Could Ted be his son?

When an accident happens and the woman who is caring for Bishop Yodder’s house breaks her leg, the Bishop offers to marry Naomi. Jacob or as he goes by now Jake comes and takes Naomi to his world in New York. Will Naomi stay or go?

I have always found a fascination with books that focus on the Amish life. One of my favorite authors is Beverly Lewis. That is why I had to check out Stolen Bride. Valentine Dmitriev is a new to me author. I fell in love with this book more than I thought I would. Dr. Dmitriev really brought to life the characters and the story. I was fully immersed in this book. Naomi won my heart. She was so nice and caring. Even Naomi’s father, Abram had me feelings for him. Though, he did not act nice towards Eunice. I felt that all of Naomi’s reactions to New York and the clothing and sights were believable. I mention this because some books I have read, where this is not the case and than I feel like the book was a let down in that case. This was not the outcome in this book. Stolen Bride is a must read book! It will have you reading and re-reading it over and over again.


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