Haunted on Bourbon Street

Review by Nancy

New Orleans has always had its share of oddities. Some say vampires, we all know about voodoo and those wonderful cemeteries just have to have some ghosts floating about. It seems one has landed in the newly rented apartment of Jade Calhoun. Worse than that, being an empath, she can see him!

Moving to the South from Idaho was enough of a culture shock, but ghosts! Plus the hunk landlord has her bothered enough without someone staring her from the ectoplasm world all the time. Her ex-boyfriend (7 years!) basically told her she should be committed when Jade explained to him about the empathetic powers. To add wounds to an already bleeding pain, her best friend, the only one who was ever really trusted with Jade’;s secret is now living with the ex. In New Orleans!

Kane, the landlord; his pal Pyper and others try to make Jade welcome but there is always something holding her back. She meets a “ghost hunter” who wants to date her but only to take her to ghostly sites hoping for his own sighting. Kane is always there, in the background in his hunky clothes and ornery attitude. Will jade ever let him in? Or anyone? And by the way, who’s the ghost? Or is it really ghosts?

An excellent story just in time for All Hallows Eve. I hope there will be more from Jade and Kane and their crew of friends. Applause on this book and waiting for more!


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